Saturday, August 29, 2009

And she's buuuuying a stair-way to....hea...ven, yeah!

This is a photo of my 'stairway to Hell' LOL, 185 long steps, sections that feel like they are straight up & when you get to where your lungs are going to burst & legs have gone to jelly, you look up & you STILL can't see the top :P I am going to have fun conquering it. The photo doesn't do it justice - it has a nice view down the hill too :)
My goal is to be able to run the whole length, first goal is to run it in 3 sections, with only 40 seconds rest. Fun, fun, fun!
BTW, I have been a bit absent from posting here, but I am keeping up with the forum on Lindy Olsen's Website - link!

1 comment:

  1. they look particularly nasty!! I only did a few rounds of the noosa steps which are 202 one way. My legs were totally rooted afterwards so i gave up and went for a walk on the beach instead haha.