Tuesday, June 30, 2009

On the mend....

I finally had a day where I felt like I was actually improving, hooray! I even managed a gym session. My weights were a struggle, so much that I didn't finish all sets, but I had a go at the gerkin test - I did better than I had previously! I guess I must have had full energy stores from eating but not training. I was really starting to feel left behind, as everyone else seemed out there burning off those last bits of fat, while I was treading water. On the food side, my appetite returned with my exercise, but now I am feeling very bloated. I have to work out what it is that did it, so I avoid it in the coming week! I think my body randomly bloats for some reason - very annoying.
Anyway, I'm not out of the woods yet, but at least I'm back to the land of the living!
I am busily sewing stones onto my cossie - should get it finished this week. Next, will be getting my bag organised. I'm not taking checked in luggage, so will have to take the absolute minimum - that will be interesting. Maybe I will have to strap things to my body to get them onboard LOL! smuggle some egg whites & rice tee, hee.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another moan....

Woe is me still!!! I've got the lurgy in my chest now & I just feel like crap. I think I will go into a mini hibernation until I feel better. I am no good to anyone at the moment, all I can do is watch what I put in my mouth & try to get better. I really don't need this extra hassle - it will turn into stress & I don't need that this close to the comp. I was hoping to go hard this week, but won't be able to now, thinking about it, it's starting to pi#$ me off!! Sick & tired of being Sick & tired grrrr!!! Damn sore throat, damn runny nose, damn cough, I've had enough :(

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flying Solo

I have talked it over with my other half & we think it will be less hassle if I go to the comp by myself - I just don't think our little girl would cope too well with the long day & I wouldn't be able to give her enough attention, so I'm heading out there alone!! Well, I won't really be alone of course as I now know a few of you going, thankfully. I think my cold hit a peak last night - had to sleep half sitting up - my head is just soooo full of ......well you know what, I just hope I haven't given it to my little one (I think my hubby is succumbing!) I am going to have a bit of an experiment (food-related) this afternoon & see if I can't come up with something good. I'm finding food easy at present - actually it hasn't been that much of a struggle, I just get the occasional pang for something - which is usually just oats or rice crackers anyway. I think I've trained my palate pretty well. I am not really wanting a binge after teh comp, as I have been down that road before & it's not a good one. Whatever I have, I will make it myself & it will be a one off. My eating will be pretty much the same as now, I will just add back in my good fats - missing my nuts!!! and some fruit, cottage cheese mmmmmm! and of course soy milk for my long cappaccinos (I miss them so much!)

Ok enough food talk - I have gymnastics tonight, will try & take it easy. Then again, I may do my first muscle up!!! I just have to not hurt myself LOL.

Can't wait to feel better - haven't trained or done cardio in a few days eeeekk!!


MM xx

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Now moved to Sicksville!

.....yep, I have succumbed. Have a raging sinus infection & possibly tonsilitis, wonderful combination. I will be resting up & steaming my nasal passages as the Dr recommends. Puts a bit of a stop to cardio & training, but I know my health is more important. Just the setback I didn't need!!! At least my appetite has reduced as well, so at least I shouldn't change in weight. I think I will just focus on getting my routine down pat & a little posing....whimper..... I should bounce back in a couple of days, I normally don't stay sick for too long.
Hope you all have an extra hard training session for me, LOL!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I'm the mayor of this town at the moment. Fighting through a cold & I think the little one may be teething - she was attached permanantly to my legs all day. I wondered where I was getting those little bruises on the backs of my thighs LOL. I am trooping along. It's getting hard but I can see an end in sight. My cosssie arrived woo hoo! It is a lovely olive green colour - all velvety & shimmery. Now I just have to add a few sparkles. I'm really hoping I surprise myself on the day & look better than I think I'm going to look.
Tired now, nighty night.

Monday, June 22, 2009


this is me a couple of days before Josie was born - or was it after I had a big mac meal?? can't remember!

That is the sound of time flying by & me going what the????? Had a very busy weekend - my little girl's first birthday & first taste of sweet stuff! She stuck her little finger in the cake icing & went back for seconds - she surprised me by not really having much at all - that's my girl!! It was a great day, and I still can't believe I have a 1yr old!!
Have a bit of a cold at the moment & my workout today felt like wading through cement. But I got in and did it. Tonight I will go for a jog.
Not much else to report - my cossie hasn't arrived just yet, but it's on its way. I just need to sort some make up now & work on routine. I have decided to just rehash my 04 routine & make some changes as I haven't got time to start from scratch. Not being negative here, but I don't reckon I'll get the chance to do it as only top 3 will perform at the night show. Ooops, just remembered - must book accommodation!!!

Nighty night all,
MM xxx

Friday, June 19, 2009


(this is a Muscle Up!!)

I took my little girl to kinder gym today & found out they have classes for Adults on friday nights, so of course I said oooh, that sounds like fun! And it was - I almost did a 'muscle up' on my first go he, he. That was after the instructor said oh, no rings are for the boys, girls only use the bars HA! She was impressed. So I am now learning to walk on my hands, do the splits, back flips & muscle ups woo hoo! I wish I had found out about this earlier - I can see I'm going to have fun with it (and possibly a few injuries). It gave me a nice break from the gym & is using strength moves in a fun way.
Busy, busy day. MIL is here for a visit, so I had a yummy roast turkey waiting for me when I got home, yay. I just hope I don't put on 5kg with all her good cooking. We are making the birthday cake tomorrow, so I have to be good & not lick the bowl!!! (will be the first time I have ever achieved this LOL).
Hope everyone has a great weekend - train hard peeps, not long to go now for us All Femalers!!! EEEEEEKKKKK

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Humbled..../Tassie bogan!

Say how you really feel Tiarna LOL!! I know you meant it in a nice way - & thank you for the kick up the bum, I needed it! Everything you said was right - I have done well & it is too close to lose it now. Thanks also Tara, you are one of my inspirations too :)
I think one of my biggest hurdles is the brain just doesn't register what is going on with the body. If I don't go to the gym for say a day or two, I feel like all my muscles have melted away & I instantly turn into a puddin' - I have to remind myself constantly that no, this is not true. Somedays it just gets the better of me & that was definitely today - brought on by a couple of days away from exercising.
I got back on that horse & had a fun session at the gym - just some interval sprints (until I felt my dinner stirring, so I stopped LOL) then deadlifts, chins, dips, overhead presses & speedball work. I have a new vein showing - unfortunately it's on my chest & it looked pretty gross. I don't mind them on my arms, but on my flat chest isn't a good look, I am kinda proud of it anyway :)
I took my camera & did my 'Tassie Bogan' posing in the changerooms. It would be so much fun to just get up on stage & pose stupidly like this - c'mon, it is such a silly sport when you think about it hey? I love my beanie!!! BTW - I tried out a bit of tan on one side of my abs, so that's not a curry stain LOL!

Hope you all have a lovely evening.
xxx MM

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Feeling unbelievably tired of late - didn't do any exercise yesterday & I doubt I'll get any done today. I think I'm still recovering from the wekend & the last workout. My tan finally came today, hooray - have had a bit of a play with it - I reckon I will need about 6 coats!! I am sooo white LOL. I don't do the base tan anymore, so it's only going on the day before the comp. I also had an email & my bikini is being posted, hooray - just hope I don't need to do too much adjusting (will definitely need a little ahem padding up top as I am not already enhanced there!) I don't think I'd ever go down the fake boobies path - I would just look funny & they would just get in the way. I hated having to strap them in when I was first breastfeeding - it was painful to run & I couldn't sleep on my belly, which I love.
It has been so cold here - 0 deg overnight & not much better during the day, I think my body is going into a hibernation. I am really struggling to get motivated, which is bad as I need to be getting so close. I have let those thoughts creep in like - 'ah well, there's nothing saying I HAVE to do the comp, I will just lose all that money on airfares etc, no biggie'. Hmmmm......I am waiting for inspiration to strike again! Suck it up princess :P

Monday, June 15, 2009

Back to the grind

I had a good session last night. Did the Gerkin test on the tready - love that thing, thanks for telling me about it Kate! Got up to 9-10 I think? Had to hang on for the last 30 secs, as I felt like I was going to fall off LOL. Incline was 10% running at 12. Then I went & did a 'Cindy' - I equalled my PB, which I am really stoked about - my kipping pull ups were so much better, my grip didn't give out either - it was the pushups where I lost time, I really need to get back into bench pressing seriously. Food has been good (very bored with it all though). I'm too scared to look in the mirror lately, I just know nothing has changed....it is getting frustrating. I have my little girl's first birthday this Sunday - I can't believe how quick it has gone. I am trying to organise some food that I can have too, without going overboard. Think I'll do some yummy Shelly's sausage rolls, they're great using my meatball recipe.
Better run, xx

and the results were....

fairly average, I went a bit crazy on the carbs friday night & paid for it the next day. I felt the sugar hangover pretty bad & not being able to have water that night played havoc with my mind - I just wanted a glass of water! Silly how your mind plays tricks on you. I am obviously not lean enough for the carb/deplete carb load to have too much effect, so I think I am going to skip the dramatic drop/load & just keep with my fairly low carb & just have a little more the night before the show. I thought I looked better on the friday when depleted & full of water - so go figure. I would like to do some research on this as I bet it is all anecdotal stuff & no actual testing has been done! Anyhow, my weekend away from life was a nice break, but I am paying for it now - I ate pretty badly & didn't have much sleep, but it was all for a good cause. Got a snap of me & Ronnie too - he is a lovely man & running a great charity. Back to the grind stone for me - went for a jog last night & it felt fantastic, just what I needed to clear my head. Will head off to the gym tonight as it has been too long since I touched metal LOL.
Nighty night xx

Friday, June 12, 2009

off to chop wood!

As the title suggests - well it actually says what I'm up to, but this is no ordinary wood!! No, it's for a good cause. Every year my brigade (vol fire brigade) goes up to Appin Hall (Ronnie Burns' place) to chop their wood for the winter. Appin Hall is a place for disadvantaged kiddies & families so they can have a break & catch up on some R&R. Ronnie is a really lovely guy & it is a fun weekend. Apart from Maggie, Ronnies wife - I will be the only chick!! Don't worry, I can hold my own with the chainsaw :) So it's going to be a different sort of workout this weekend, hopefully it wont be in the rain this year.
Have a great weekend everyone!
MM xx

Thursday, June 11, 2009

hello....is this thing working...?

Well it's the carb up day for my little pre comp test & the verdict is.... well, not 100% sure yet (will know in the morning) but I'm pretty sure I'm not lean enough for it to make much difference. I am soooo thirsty now as I stopped drinking at 4pm (I had 3.5L today, so surely it is just my mind playing tricks on me) but now that I have had some simple sugars, all I want is a nice glass of water. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid sport LOL! Anyway, it wasn't all in vain, I now know I have to go even harder than I was & really ramp it up for the finish line. Haven't got my tan yet & my costume has only just been started, I just hope it isn't far away as I'd like to add some bling to it. Hey, a girl can't go on bling-less now can she? I feel like a fat pig now & my mouth feels disgusting. I was just so happy to be eating oats again today, I can't wait to get back to my sensible eating. I'm already thinking of after-comp. I plan to get back into kicking my own arse at Crossfit - really want to get good & fit & strong. At the moment with dieting I can't quite go as hard as I want to.
I'm going to brush my teeth, bleahh feels like the sugar is eating away at them as I type...ick!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I've had enough, my tanks really hit the empty mark today - snappier than an especially snappy person who has a special reason to be snappy....that was me.  Again I spent most of today trying to talk myself into (& out of again) eating carbs.....it is times like this that I think 'what a stupid sport',  'why the hell am I doing this to myself?', 'Does that guy's head look like a doughnut or is it just me?' etc, etc. I feel like crap & look like crap, so I must be doing it right LOL... I weighed in at 48kg this morning, so the water is flushing through nicely. I am going to be soooo dissapointed if it doesn't make a lick of difference tomorrow when I carb up. Oh well, it's not going to do any harm, and at least if it doesn't change, I won't put myself though this torture again for the comp. 

I entered the comp today, I had thoughts of them putting a limit on the no. of competitors after the email saying it was a record no. already! I immediately felt like backing out.....sigh, there will be more moments like that to come in the next month ha, ha.

I am a bit sick of myself at the moment - I just can't think of anything else but food, or comp stuff...I need a hobby :) 

Hope all is well out there in comp prep land ladies.....


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My body seems to be handling the low carb well - not feeling tired & can still do running hill sprints & didn't burn out, but my tummy & head hate it!!!  So many times today I said to myself, ok, give in & eat some rice cakes, or potatoes or youghurt - it was really hard feeding my daughter her oats this morning! She didn't want to finish it & I had to chuck those lovely creamy oats in the bin :(  I could have easily finished them off......but no, I survived one more day of virtually no-carb. I find that with meals without carbs I am hungry an hour later - whether they are false hunger pangs, it still feels like I am always wanting something. It really isn't a long term eating plan for me - I never did well in the past on low carb & I never will again, I am just curious to see how my body responds to the carbing up process. I have a feeling I'm going to be starting it tomorrow! I don't think I could go another full day of meat & veg & egg whites. (I loooove those foods, but with oats or sweet potato thown in during the day!) 
Today's workout was cardio - increasing incline & speed to L9 (10% incl & 10km/hr) then I did interval sprints - 12k/hr @ 10% incline for 30sec/recover 1min @6km/hr. This was really good, I wanted to give up but didn't. Then I finished off with some box jumps & speedball work for funsies :) 
Got an email from the INBA that scared the life out of me - saying it was a record no. of entries in the All Female (i haven't actually even entered yet!) & that the big guns will be competing!! So my chances of a look in are getting slimmer by the day. If I don't place, I'm not going to try my luck at another event to qualify for the oympia - my dream will have to wait another year...oh well I'll just set my sights on something else. 

Off to dream of profiteroles & creme patisserie! yuuummm.
Night all, train hard won'tcha!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Day one - droppin the carbs

Felt ok till about mid afternoon, then my energy seeped through the back of the couch I was snoozing on. I went & did a depletion workout - and as expected felt pretty tired & lack lustre - I think it must have been in my head as this is only day 1 - i've got 3 more to go!!! I may cut it back to 3 days low carb, as I am only fun-size & most depletion diets are designed for king sized mars bars....mmmmmmm mars bars....
I had about 3.5L of water today & have been peeing like a racehorse - not going to get much sleep tonight I don't reckon!
To answer your questions Selina, I think I have to be in the open as I have won a state comp - in Tas, where there isn't a lot of competition. I really feel out of place in the open, but hey I get to learn from the big girls :) Yes I am tiny ;( in my head I'm Huuuuuge though!!! I usually come in at 47kg or so - that's with water depletion etc....the scales say I'm not far off, but the mirror doesn't agree. From front & side on I look ok, but I have these really annoying little saddlebags at the top of the thighs, that I hate & I am still carrying chub on my triceps, grrrrr.....

That's all from me today, nighty night xx

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bloaty Bloat!

Why does this happen? I haven't changed my diet & all of a sudden I am bloated this arvo?? The only thing I had different was a protein bar yesterday, one I don't normally have, but apart from that it's all been the same stuff. I haven't had TTOM for 1yr & 9mths since before I had my little girl, so I REALLY hope it isn't that - not looking forward to that returning!!! Had a great weekend - Today we went to the new aquatic centre here - its AWESOME! A huge 50m indoor pool, great play pools for the kids, I am so impressed. I swam 10 laps of the 50m. I'm not a great swimmer, so it was good cardio for me :). Then after morning tea I went to the gym & did some hill sprints & threw some weights around and finished with some posing practice.  I may have to go for a walk after dinner to try & feel less bloaty too. The scales were 48.2kg this morning, so very close to my drop to 48kg for the week. I'm expecting it will go up tomorrow due to my expanded belly right now, but I know it's only temporary. 

I have been doing some more research into the final week preparation. Now, previously I have done what I was told by friends, & a trainer I had & I have had fairly mixed results. I usually carb deplete & salt deplete then carb up. As we all know it can be a bit hit and miss & if you get it wrong, you can look REALLY bad - this is what happened to me at my last comp, so from the research I have done, I am going to try just adjusting the carbs & water & not worry about the salt. This is where you can get bad rebound probs & for me, I used to look better on the day before the show. With the peak week program I have found, I will be carb depleting for 4 days then just a one day carb up. I like the sound of this one, & may make a few adjustments to suit me.  I am going to test it out this week, as it is only a bit over 1 month from the comp, I need to see what works now rather than leave it to chance. Sticking to it is going to be hard, especially the depletion workouts, which are going to kill me with no carbs!! We'll just have to see how it goes - wish me luck!!! 

MM xx

Friday, June 5, 2009

Feeling Good

I love Saturday mornings, especially when I have had a good gym session, have had my weekly coffee & protein bar fix - I feel on top of the world! But I still have my heels firmly planted on the floor - still a lot of work ahead for this little bunny :) 
Yesterday I did 45min walk & then 100 SDLHP (sumo deadlift highpulls), 50 squat presses, 30 Burpees. Only used a 6kg weight as my shoulder is still dicky. 
This morning I did some HIIT on the tready for 25mins (sprinting at 12km/hr with 10%incline 40sec, 60 sec rest) then I did 100 SDHP's with 15kg, some dips & chins, then had a play with the speedbag & jumping over an aerobics step. 
Thoughts I'd share a photo of one of my favourite meals (on or off season) & an ab shot, oh & one of my cute daughter in her beanie. Have a great weekend everyone! 
xx MM

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Got myself to the gym again today -thanks to hubby coming home early. Just did a little bit of everything & not too heavy as my L shoulder is not quite right. Have a feeling I may have done it while posing -dangerous to your health! I spread my lats hard & with the little twist in the back, Ithink it impinges on a nerve as my hand goes a bit tingly. Oh well, it's only temporary. Does anyone else get a really achey lover back from all that arching? I always feel like I look as though I have something shoved up my bottom LOL (if you see me laughing on stage - this is prob what I'm thinking).  Had the turkey in a stir fry - it was devine, so tender I'm def hooked! 
I am looking forward to trying out the Jan Tana - I think I'm a bit over the Dream Tan. I am too much of a stress head to have to put tan on backstage - I would rather be ready to go when I get there & I will def be more relaxed if I don't have to go through that crappo. 
What's left for me to do? 
  • Haven't worked out routine yet, but will prob recycle moves from previous ones - thankfully the routines aren't counted in your score - I should just get up there & do some silly poses (think Bev Frances in her hotel room after comp in Pumping Iron II - funny!) 
OK anyone who hasn't seen Pumping Iron II - shame, shame!! Its classic - soooo cheesey but still inspiring. Think leg warmers & spandex leotards, chewing gum & headbands, boofy hair....I must get it on DVD. I really liked Carla Dunlap (think thats her last name?) and Rachel McLish, what a Diva!  
  • Costume is coming from NZ - I couldn't afford one of Jo Roger's creations this time round, her's are stunning so am getting an import from bodybuildingbikinis.com. Seem like lovely people. 
  • Music - I am still deciding, I think I shall enlist the help of Tara to do the CD, less stress for moi
  • Oh yeah, enter the comp & pay fees! This is the real kicker - will be no turning back after that. Wonder where I'll be standing in line up? Anyone else in the short-arse class??
  • Posing practice - check
  • Shoes - check
  • Lose another 2-3kg......coming along - weight is now 48.6. Am hoping to get to 48 by next week. 
  • Anything else???
That's all for now, good night all! 

P.S I was thinking whilst doing cardio that a good costume for the freeware round for anyone doing sportsmodel would be to dress up as the hogs breath chick - timely given the swine flu epidemic! LOL (actually, this won't be funny if they cancel the event because of it!!!)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Excitement Plus!!

Went to the shops to get some food for my big cook up & what did I find?? Turkey steak!! First time it has finally made it's way into the meat cabinet in woolies down here, bout bloody time! I was sooo happy,  I nearly did a binky in the store :p (that's the cute little bunny hop/foot kick that rabbits do when they're happy). I bought some of the thigh fillet too - wasn't too bad in fat & when I bake them on a rack, most of it comes off. I was this happy when kangaroo meat appeared too.  I may have to get rid of my countdown clock - It is so scary seeing the days tick off!! I haven't been able to get to the gym again, so I am really hanging out for it, tomorrow hopefully! I had a big cookup & prepped my veggies for the next few days. I love cooking, but I get a bit sick of doing it every day, I never leave the kitchen it feels like! So I steamed some chicken, boiled some potatoes, baked some pumpkin (for my daughter), cooked some egg whites, whizzed up some protein jelly dessert stuff and chopped up some broc, cauli, beans & a little carrot. I should have done a bit more, but am too tired.  Have decided to give jan tana a whirl - got the high def stuff, which is meant to be good. I know I will react to it, but will put it on the Friday before show so I shouldn't be too itchy the next day. 
Am yet to book accommodation - thanks for the info Shan, will check it out.  Is anyone feeling happy with their prep so far? Most of the blogs I've read are the same as me - a little behind the eightball & trying to play catch up. That would be good if we are all in the same shape when we get up there LOL. I'll be with you Rae doing cardio right up to the day! 
Better go get some rest - heres hoping I get a full night's sleep HA!

Train hard everyone xxx