Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Excitement Plus!!

Went to the shops to get some food for my big cook up & what did I find?? Turkey steak!! First time it has finally made it's way into the meat cabinet in woolies down here, bout bloody time! I was sooo happy,  I nearly did a binky in the store :p (that's the cute little bunny hop/foot kick that rabbits do when they're happy). I bought some of the thigh fillet too - wasn't too bad in fat & when I bake them on a rack, most of it comes off. I was this happy when kangaroo meat appeared too.  I may have to get rid of my countdown clock - It is so scary seeing the days tick off!! I haven't been able to get to the gym again, so I am really hanging out for it, tomorrow hopefully! I had a big cookup & prepped my veggies for the next few days. I love cooking, but I get a bit sick of doing it every day, I never leave the kitchen it feels like! So I steamed some chicken, boiled some potatoes, baked some pumpkin (for my daughter), cooked some egg whites, whizzed up some protein jelly dessert stuff and chopped up some broc, cauli, beans & a little carrot. I should have done a bit more, but am too tired.  Have decided to give jan tana a whirl - got the high def stuff, which is meant to be good. I know I will react to it, but will put it on the Friday before show so I shouldn't be too itchy the next day. 
Am yet to book accommodation - thanks for the info Shan, will check it out.  Is anyone feeling happy with their prep so far? Most of the blogs I've read are the same as me - a little behind the eightball & trying to play catch up. That would be good if we are all in the same shape when we get up there LOL. I'll be with you Rae doing cardio right up to the day! 
Better go get some rest - heres hoping I get a full night's sleep HA!

Train hard everyone xxx


  1. YAY!! I've found another turkey steak fan... dont' you just lurve the stuff!! I complained about my local Woolies always running out, so the Manager phone me and given me his number so that I can call ahead of time so he can put the amount I want aside for me to pick up. How cool is that??? Keep up the great work Linda xxx

  2. YES!!! Turey stea arrived on Bribie this week too - YAY!!! Bt at $19kg it will have t be a bit of a treat food. I used Jantana for both my shows and it is wonderful stuff, I watched everyone else slapping themselves to death and thanked Kelli for introducing me to it. Mine wasnt the one coat one but it wasn't a problem as it dries instantly, no smell, only a little comes off on clothes and it washes off in the shower with no hard scrubbing!!! LOVE IT!!!!

  3. Wow, that's awesome Rae - I'll have to get to know our manager here LOL. Good to hear about the tan - My hubby is a bit over the ol slapping gig!