Monday, June 22, 2009


this is me a couple of days before Josie was born - or was it after I had a big mac meal?? can't remember!

That is the sound of time flying by & me going what the????? Had a very busy weekend - my little girl's first birthday & first taste of sweet stuff! She stuck her little finger in the cake icing & went back for seconds - she surprised me by not really having much at all - that's my girl!! It was a great day, and I still can't believe I have a 1yr old!!
Have a bit of a cold at the moment & my workout today felt like wading through cement. But I got in and did it. Tonight I will go for a jog.
Not much else to report - my cossie hasn't arrived just yet, but it's on its way. I just need to sort some make up now & work on routine. I have decided to just rehash my 04 routine & make some changes as I haven't got time to start from scratch. Not being negative here, but I don't reckon I'll get the chance to do it as only top 3 will perform at the night show. Ooops, just remembered - must book accommodation!!!

Nighty night all,
MM xxx


  1. Starting to get close MM. How exciting!

  2. Just wanted to let you know that I spoke to Tony L today about the All Female and he said that all the competitors are doing their routine!! So girl...get it going! I can't talk as I have only just organised I am glad your daughters bday went well, the 1st year flies by.

  3. You look so pretty in that photo!!

  4. Bugger, Clare LOL! That's actually great as I quite like the routine bit. At least we get to spend a bit more time under the warm lights on stage :)

  5. haha - thats soooooo cute bout your little girl! Yeh - when I have kids - I am going to be such a junk food and tv nazi - hahahah
    BTW - necklace not from gym funnky - actually bought it at a little shop at Brissy airport!
    see you in 17days and 14 hours lol

  6. I am not loving my routine bit...but I am always after a bit of warmth so maybe it will be worth doing :)