Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My body seems to be handling the low carb well - not feeling tired & can still do running hill sprints & didn't burn out, but my tummy & head hate it!!!  So many times today I said to myself, ok, give in & eat some rice cakes, or potatoes or youghurt - it was really hard feeding my daughter her oats this morning! She didn't want to finish it & I had to chuck those lovely creamy oats in the bin :(  I could have easily finished them off......but no, I survived one more day of virtually no-carb. I find that with meals without carbs I am hungry an hour later - whether they are false hunger pangs, it still feels like I am always wanting something. It really isn't a long term eating plan for me - I never did well in the past on low carb & I never will again, I am just curious to see how my body responds to the carbing up process. I have a feeling I'm going to be starting it tomorrow! I don't think I could go another full day of meat & veg & egg whites. (I loooove those foods, but with oats or sweet potato thown in during the day!) 
Today's workout was cardio - increasing incline & speed to L9 (10% incl & 10km/hr) then I did interval sprints - 12k/hr @ 10% incline for 30sec/recover 1min @6km/hr. This was really good, I wanted to give up but didn't. Then I finished off with some box jumps & speedball work for funsies :) 
Got an email from the INBA that scared the life out of me - saying it was a record no. of entries in the All Female (i haven't actually even entered yet!) & that the big guns will be competing!! So my chances of a look in are getting slimmer by the day. If I don't place, I'm not going to try my luck at another event to qualify for the oympia - my dream will have to wait another year...oh well I'll just set my sights on something else. 

Off to dream of profiteroles & creme patisserie! yuuummm.
Night all, train hard won'tcha!!


  1. Hey - thanks for the info!
    Re the All Females - I registered just yesterday! I never received that email though, would there be any chance you'd be able to forward it to me pretty please? selinawright80@hotmail.com.
    I'd like to be updated with all the goss :))

  2. Oh you are reading it all wrong...lol. Record no of entries and big guns...ahhh thats just better people for you to beat!! Your cardio session sounds like a killer!! Have you registered yet? I haven't :) imagine when everyone does!!!

  3. I like your confidence Clare!! It would be brilliant if it worked out that way :)