Friday, June 5, 2009

Feeling Good

I love Saturday mornings, especially when I have had a good gym session, have had my weekly coffee & protein bar fix - I feel on top of the world! But I still have my heels firmly planted on the floor - still a lot of work ahead for this little bunny :) 
Yesterday I did 45min walk & then 100 SDLHP (sumo deadlift highpulls), 50 squat presses, 30 Burpees. Only used a 6kg weight as my shoulder is still dicky. 
This morning I did some HIIT on the tready for 25mins (sprinting at 12km/hr with 10%incline 40sec, 60 sec rest) then I did 100 SDHP's with 15kg, some dips & chins, then had a play with the speedbag & jumping over an aerobics step. 
Thoughts I'd share a photo of one of my favourite meals (on or off season) & an ab shot, oh & one of my cute daughter in her beanie. Have a great weekend everyone! 
xx MM


  1. Looking great! I would like to know what your diet is like? You seriously need to bring out a recipe book. I love food but get bored eating the same. I dont have much imagination!

  2. Hey MM

    I love reading about your - they sound exhausting, but exhilarating! Nice abs, and yes...your daughter is a cutie. :)

  3. Your daughter is beautiful...nearly one? Happy Birthday to her. Abs are looking fantastic!!!