Friday, June 19, 2009


(this is a Muscle Up!!)

I took my little girl to kinder gym today & found out they have classes for Adults on friday nights, so of course I said oooh, that sounds like fun! And it was - I almost did a 'muscle up' on my first go he, he. That was after the instructor said oh, no rings are for the boys, girls only use the bars HA! She was impressed. So I am now learning to walk on my hands, do the splits, back flips & muscle ups woo hoo! I wish I had found out about this earlier - I can see I'm going to have fun with it (and possibly a few injuries). It gave me a nice break from the gym & is using strength moves in a fun way.
Busy, busy day. MIL is here for a visit, so I had a yummy roast turkey waiting for me when I got home, yay. I just hope I don't put on 5kg with all her good cooking. We are making the birthday cake tomorrow, so I have to be good & not lick the bowl!!! (will be the first time I have ever achieved this LOL).
Hope everyone has a great weekend - train hard peeps, not long to go now for us All Femalers!!! EEEEEEKKKKK


  1. You know I can't bake anymore because I can't stay out of the bowl, or the icing, or indeed the cake/biscuits once they come out of the oven!! I have a sick friend at the moment but told her today I can't bake for her for a while. Is it your daughters bday party this weekend?

  2. Doh! Love reading about all this stuff...muscleups, etc. Looking at the home gym option, and BTW, thanks for your comment. I just need to get organised. I was only looking at the gymnastic rings last night on the internet, and how to incorporate them in the home gym.

    Sounds like fun (adult gym)! Loving how you just try stuff out MM. I never tire of hearing about it. :)