Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Takin' a break.....

I'm going to take a little break from blogging - only a couple of weeks. I just think I need to get into a good groove again with life first. I didn't want to have this blog for a rant/rave, poor me session, so I am going to sort myself out & get back to my goals in a little while. For some reason, I just have this compulsion to wait until the new gym opens before I get back to exercising. I don't know why & can't explain it, but its a weird aversion I have, for no particular reason. I am REALLY looking forward to going to this new gym - will be open on the 10th, I just hope it's as good as they tell me, or that's a years membership down the drain LOL!
I got the comp DVD & I wasn't as cringe-worthy as I felt on the day, but certainly improvements will be made!
Ta ta for now.
MM xxx

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day One!

Yay, My 'skinny bones'

I am joining Katie P and her team to improve myself & start me on my journey towards my goals. Which are:

Long term:
Achieve 9.6 (min) in the beep test
Bench Press 60kg (min 2 reps)
Deadlift 85kg (min 5 reps)
Put on muscles!!!

Short&long term:
Eat 'clean' 95% of the time (2 'relaxed' meals/week)
Exercise 6 times/week (at least - 30 min walk)

So today is day one of 100 - I can have 10 'slip ups' during the 100 days, so this is a really good way to stay focused & removes the 'All or Nothing' attitude. Today will probably just be the 30min walk as I will be shifting more bluemetal & retaining wall blocks tonight.
I will be watching everyone else's progress over this time - good luck gals!

MM xx

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Plague on my house!

I'm still sick & so is my family. So damn over it!!! I can't hear properly, my sense of smell & taste is almost zero. I didn't even notice my daughter's poopy nappy until I saw it had squished all up my dressing gown arm!! (I'd been holding her for 10 mins!!) So the shnooz is really not good. This damn cough too is bugging me. I had a job interview Tues & had a coughing fit at the end - my eyes were streaming & my voice totally went & it was so embarrassing!! Too much talking & my mouth went dry. They understood of course, but I felt like a complete dickhead LOL. No gym since Monday, so I am going to be playing catch up next week. I have been using this time to do a fair bit of reflecting & musing. Getting myself geared up for the next chapter in life :)
Hope everyone is well & happy. I have been reading posts, but not commenting sorry! Been a bit hectic with sickness etc!


Friday, July 17, 2009

Say it with me.....

Lean meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, NO SUGAR!! This is the 'Crossfit nutritional mantra' and am going to be following this with the occasional relaxed meal. I wil be very happy if I can do this mon-fri then be a little more flexible on weekends. I gave myself this week to have a mini blow out and I have done that, now it's time to refocus.
I have had a sick little girl on my hands all week, and now she has been so kind to share it with me too, so we are all coughing up lungs in this household. My gym session was marred by the crappy treadmills at the gym.....grrr!!! I didn't notice that the incline wasn't working until I tried to put it to 6% and nothing happened. So I jumped on the next one - again, nothing! and the next one made a very unhealthy noise & you guessed it - nothing!! Luckily I was the only one upstairs, as I swore my head off - I just wasn't in the mood. So I went & did some deadlifts.
Deadlifts: 10reps - 50kg
2x6 reps - 60kg
10reps - 60kg
supersetted with 10x overhead squats with 15kg bar
I really wasn't feeling up to much else, so just did some bent over rows & mucked around with the speedball.

I am looking at joining a new gym -woo hoo!! It looks totally awesome & HUGE. It has child-minding so it will be a winner if it is as good as it looks. Hasn't opened yet, but I have enquired & will get in early if it is up to scratch. It will be nice to go to a gym with equipment that isn't older than I am LOL :)

I also have a job interview next week - just a casual position at the aquatic centre, hopefully it will work out & it will suit me.

xx MM

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bring it on!

Thanks for the feedback guys, I wasn't fishing for compliments, I promise, but was just trying to say how damn awful I felt at the time. I know it is a bit of body dis morphia, but it feels so real, if you know what you mean. I DO look good in the photos (not as good as I hoped of course!) but I know I didn't look as bad as I felt I looked. OK - no more dwelling on it!!! Lets move on
I am deciding how I am going to do my training from now on. I have a goal of running the beep test - 9.6, which I have been semi-working on for a while, and also packing on more muscle. That is ALWAYS a goal for me! I really need to bring up my shoulders and chest. Bench press has always been my most hated, but sometimes it feels great. My former best weight has been 50kg. I gave it a crack yesterday after nearly a year of doing Bpress & did 3x7reps of 40kg. It didn't feel too heavy, but I have a dicky L shoulder, so didn't want to overdo it.
Yesterday's workout was:
intervals on t'mill: worked up to 10 & 14
Bench press: 20k warm up set, 30k x10rep, 40kx7,7,7reps
standing overhead press: 20k x10rep, then supersetted with 5 handstand pushups (couldn't do full ones though!)
Cable crossovers 3x10
I noticed doing this workout I was still freezing. Normally I warm up so quickly doing crossfit stuff. I will have to watch that, so I don't get injured. Feeling pretty good - not really sore, just feels as though I've worked out. That will change over the next few weeks when I get into the swing again. Bring it on!!!

I am thinking of how best to combine my sprinting, crossfit & weight training. Crossfit is so adaptable that it pretty much covers the other two, but I just have to decide on which workouts will encompass my goals the best.

MM xx

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Reflections and moving on

I've given myself till the end of the week to get all the comp stuff out of my head. I am starting to feel much better about how I went, at the time I was a complete mess. I certainly learned a lot from the experience - the first being that I do not have any ounce of objectivity in me when it comes to my physique!!! I honestly felt like I was an inflated balloon on the day, but photos have proven to me that that wasn't true. However, lesson 1. for me is if I ever do this again, I need to have a trainer on my side. I need the objectivity of that someone on the day who has been with me leading up to the comp telling me what I need to do, how & when. I'm a stubborn one, and it has taken me many years to accept that sometimes, you need a little help!!! (I think it's my napoleon syndrome :) Lesson 2. is NEVER use Jan Tana - American crap can kiss my arse!!! I do however loove the smell of the pre tan body scrub, so that can live happily in my shower. I should have known it was a little dodgy when the label started to run when it got wet!! How cheap arse is that?!
Lesson 3. Get better shoes - While the platforms help with height, I was just too constrained in my posing & was preoccupied with not falling off them. I just couldn't feel comfortable & it was a huge distraction. So I am going to have to come down a few inches. (I'll just have to go all Zsa Zsa Gabore in the hair department for the extra height LOL) Lesson 4. Get better at applying makeup. I know I have to look like a hooker, but I have trouble troweling on that much makeup, especially the lippy. What I had was way too light. Lesson 5. Grow huge delts immediately!!! I have brought my legs up to speed, now I really need those Terry's Chocolate Oranges on my shoulders to grow into cannonball melons. It really does wonders for the whole package & I've always looved the look of nice arms/shoulders - so this will be my main focus from now on.
I have scarffed down the chokkie stash that had been waiting for me till after this comp & pigged out on garlic bread, so now it's back to good eating from now on. I am back to dabbling in some nice recipes - which I love to do. I've only had one training session this week - due to Josie being sick, but am getting my focus back on track.
Happy camping everyone!
P.s I think there was meant to be a Tsunami overnight off Tassie's coast? I slept through it, must have been a Bonsai Tsunami.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


me second from left - unfortunately not enough for height classes, so I was with the big gals!!

Well I must say I am relieved it is all over!!! I think I came to the realisation that the sparkle has gone out of competing for me. I have major tanning issues (I ended up a bit green on stage & now I'm covered in a lovely rash!!) and the terrible nervousness & self doubt consumed me a bit - as the lovely Kate can testify too! However the best part of the whole experience was meeting such wonderful people. Shannon - with the most amazing cannonball delts & warm heart, Selina - those legs & abs were a standout! and such a lovely person, Liz - thankyou so much for your help with tanning and advice - and you did such a great job with your girls! Kerry - was great chatting with you at lunch. So lovely to meet LJ & her friend (Friday I think?) such supportive girls, Rae, Jadey, Jeh I met briefly and many more! It made the whole day worthwhile. Kate - you were the shinning light of the day - thank you so much for taking the WHOLE day to spend with me & a bunch of half naked (well, mosly 7/8ths naked!) women stinking of dream tan & hairspray. After the initial shock, you took to it soo well & maybe even had a little inkling there of giving it a go! (Amazed it didn't put you off completely LOL). Clare - after reading your blog I really wasn't surprised that you won the whole shebang, you worked your guts out & you were fantastic. I got tears in my eyes when I heard your little girl calling out 'go mum' as I was missing my little one at the time. I hope you enjoyed your indulgences & aren't finding it too daunting to go & do it again - best of luck for the next one, but I doubt you'll need any (not with the mighty Sharon on your side!)
It's sometimes hard to know what next after you have done a comp. For me it will be full steam ahead & getting into crossfit in a big way as well as lots of sprinting.

MM xx

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

whooooah Nellie!

Hold your horses, cos the time is nearly here!!! One more day til show time. Still have lots of practice to do & am still finishing my cossie - gives me something to take my mind off things at least. I have no idea how I will go - the tan is a total mystery as I haven't been able to practice with it before. I'm keeping things simple with my cossie & I was going to do the fake ponytail thing, but figure why the extra hassle (that is unless my hairdresser stuffs up tonight!) I'm finding I feel really positive in the mornings & get a bit anxious at night. I'm sure I'll be ok on the day - thanks for holding my hand Kate!!! Better go drink some more water - it is certainly flushing through like it should!!
See y'all on the other side....

MM xx

Monday, July 6, 2009

Bye bye carbs, for now...

Had my last carbs tonight until Friday, well apart from veggies & a little soy milk in coffee. I will surely miss them! Countdown has begun on this week & I'm swinging madly between excitement and terror. The weird dreams have started too, which don't help! Hopefully my carb up will go well & I will look good for Saturday. Its going to be a long day - have to be up prob 4am to get ready & go to fly out at 6.30am. Better go catch some ZZZs now, nighty night!!

MM xx

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The word of the day is....

Cellulite - and I haz it. It's going to be a part of my package I'm bringing to the stage with me LOL, I think I might highlight it with some extra rhinestones....mmm noice, I like it, it's noice, different, unusual. What can you do, but laugh? Oh well, it will make me look even more brave. I feel like it has been a bit of a clumsy effort this comp prep, but I guess that happens when you juggle everything and then get a few set backs. I am reasonably happy with the rest of me - there's just that annoying dimply patch on the thigh, hammie area that is sticking like glue! The thing that scares me is that I am white-as & of course when I'm darker, that is just going to eccentuate it more....oh crap, what if there is more than I can see now....crap, crap, crap-o-rama!!! I may be a late scratching ha, ha. Whew, I will take a deep breath & go have a bath. Might try a little massage therapy on those spots, cant hurt!
Hope everyone is going well - this time next week it's all over red rover!!!

MM xxx

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Get the party started. ....

Yay, it has finally arrived, peak week!!! I feel soo much better now & am getting my spark back. Well, I guess it has been about a year since I started thinking about embarking on this journey & 12 weeks since I started knucking down. It has certainly flown by. I'm beginning to get a flutter of excitement. I HAVE done the hard yards and I HAVE earned my place on that stage. I HAVE achieved my goals of getting my shape back after bub & I HAVE got to be HAPPY with that!!!
Looking forward to meeting you all in a week + 1days time. Is it going to be fun or what??!!
MM xxx

P.S after the comp I am going to make my favourite cookies - peanut butter & chooc chip - I am even going to make them with real sugar!! (going to be hard to do LOL)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Count 'em!

stick both hands in front of you and look at your fingers.......that's how many days left till I get on stage in a bloody tiny g string!!! HYPERVENTILATE!!! I'm really starting to freak, not that it is going to help at all, but there you go. I seem to have lost my ab definition - it was sooo much better a few weeks ago, now it is just sort of ....gone? I am so not where I wanted to be right now, so all I can do is close my eyes & step forward. I have wobbly bits everywhere, so I am going to have to step very slowly on stage so that it stops wobbling not too long after I do. Mighty Mouse, I am soooo disappointed in you!!