Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bring it on!

Thanks for the feedback guys, I wasn't fishing for compliments, I promise, but was just trying to say how damn awful I felt at the time. I know it is a bit of body dis morphia, but it feels so real, if you know what you mean. I DO look good in the photos (not as good as I hoped of course!) but I know I didn't look as bad as I felt I looked. OK - no more dwelling on it!!! Lets move on
I am deciding how I am going to do my training from now on. I have a goal of running the beep test - 9.6, which I have been semi-working on for a while, and also packing on more muscle. That is ALWAYS a goal for me! I really need to bring up my shoulders and chest. Bench press has always been my most hated, but sometimes it feels great. My former best weight has been 50kg. I gave it a crack yesterday after nearly a year of doing Bpress & did 3x7reps of 40kg. It didn't feel too heavy, but I have a dicky L shoulder, so didn't want to overdo it.
Yesterday's workout was:
intervals on t'mill: worked up to 10 & 14
Bench press: 20k warm up set, 30k x10rep, 40kx7,7,7reps
standing overhead press: 20k x10rep, then supersetted with 5 handstand pushups (couldn't do full ones though!)
Cable crossovers 3x10
I noticed doing this workout I was still freezing. Normally I warm up so quickly doing crossfit stuff. I will have to watch that, so I don't get injured. Feeling pretty good - not really sore, just feels as though I've worked out. That will change over the next few weeks when I get into the swing again. Bring it on!!!

I am thinking of how best to combine my sprinting, crossfit & weight training. Crossfit is so adaptable that it pretty much covers the other two, but I just have to decide on which workouts will encompass my goals the best.

MM xx

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  1. Sounds like a plan MM. Great reading about your workouts. Boy, have I got a long way to go - but that's the fun part - having a goal to fet fitter. thanks for the inspiration!