Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Takin' a break.....

I'm going to take a little break from blogging - only a couple of weeks. I just think I need to get into a good groove again with life first. I didn't want to have this blog for a rant/rave, poor me session, so I am going to sort myself out & get back to my goals in a little while. For some reason, I just have this compulsion to wait until the new gym opens before I get back to exercising. I don't know why & can't explain it, but its a weird aversion I have, for no particular reason. I am REALLY looking forward to going to this new gym - will be open on the 10th, I just hope it's as good as they tell me, or that's a years membership down the drain LOL!
I got the comp DVD & I wasn't as cringe-worthy as I felt on the day, but certainly improvements will be made!
Ta ta for now.
MM xxx


  1. See you when you return! Maybe your weird aversion is a side you need to take a rest....hmmm...

  2. sorry, I mean is a 'sign' you need to take a rest...

  3. Hey Miss Linda - today's the 10th, so did you make it to the new gym??
    Hope all's going OK with you :)