Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Reflections and moving on

I've given myself till the end of the week to get all the comp stuff out of my head. I am starting to feel much better about how I went, at the time I was a complete mess. I certainly learned a lot from the experience - the first being that I do not have any ounce of objectivity in me when it comes to my physique!!! I honestly felt like I was an inflated balloon on the day, but photos have proven to me that that wasn't true. However, lesson 1. for me is if I ever do this again, I need to have a trainer on my side. I need the objectivity of that someone on the day who has been with me leading up to the comp telling me what I need to do, how & when. I'm a stubborn one, and it has taken me many years to accept that sometimes, you need a little help!!! (I think it's my napoleon syndrome :) Lesson 2. is NEVER use Jan Tana - American crap can kiss my arse!!! I do however loove the smell of the pre tan body scrub, so that can live happily in my shower. I should have known it was a little dodgy when the label started to run when it got wet!! How cheap arse is that?!
Lesson 3. Get better shoes - While the platforms help with height, I was just too constrained in my posing & was preoccupied with not falling off them. I just couldn't feel comfortable & it was a huge distraction. So I am going to have to come down a few inches. (I'll just have to go all Zsa Zsa Gabore in the hair department for the extra height LOL) Lesson 4. Get better at applying makeup. I know I have to look like a hooker, but I have trouble troweling on that much makeup, especially the lippy. What I had was way too light. Lesson 5. Grow huge delts immediately!!! I have brought my legs up to speed, now I really need those Terry's Chocolate Oranges on my shoulders to grow into cannonball melons. It really does wonders for the whole package & I've always looved the look of nice arms/shoulders - so this will be my main focus from now on.
I have scarffed down the chokkie stash that had been waiting for me till after this comp & pigged out on garlic bread, so now it's back to good eating from now on. I am back to dabbling in some nice recipes - which I love to do. I've only had one training session this week - due to Josie being sick, but am getting my focus back on track.
Happy camping everyone!
P.s I think there was meant to be a Tsunami overnight off Tassie's coast? I slept through it, must have been a Bonsai Tsunami.


  1. well I've seen a stack of photos of you from the comp and think you looked fabulous!

  2. I think you looked wonderful as well! I just was looking at pics. How about contacting Sharon for thoughts on a trainer? and she can trowel makeup on your face like a trooper!! lol. I looked like the biggest drag queen!!
    I love the look of big shoulders...I want mine bigger but I really don't like working them..have to change that. Enjoy your chocolate and a break and enjoy your time with your daughter.

  3. Well I have to agree with Frankie...saw your pics, and thought you looked fabulous too! I especially love the Dallas Olsen pic (I only saw one - unless there's more). Congratulations on your achievement, and I look forward to your next BB comp instalment.