Sunday, July 12, 2009


me second from left - unfortunately not enough for height classes, so I was with the big gals!!

Well I must say I am relieved it is all over!!! I think I came to the realisation that the sparkle has gone out of competing for me. I have major tanning issues (I ended up a bit green on stage & now I'm covered in a lovely rash!!) and the terrible nervousness & self doubt consumed me a bit - as the lovely Kate can testify too! However the best part of the whole experience was meeting such wonderful people. Shannon - with the most amazing cannonball delts & warm heart, Selina - those legs & abs were a standout! and such a lovely person, Liz - thankyou so much for your help with tanning and advice - and you did such a great job with your girls! Kerry - was great chatting with you at lunch. So lovely to meet LJ & her friend (Friday I think?) such supportive girls, Rae, Jadey, Jeh I met briefly and many more! It made the whole day worthwhile. Kate - you were the shinning light of the day - thank you so much for taking the WHOLE day to spend with me & a bunch of half naked (well, mosly 7/8ths naked!) women stinking of dream tan & hairspray. After the initial shock, you took to it soo well & maybe even had a little inkling there of giving it a go! (Amazed it didn't put you off completely LOL). Clare - after reading your blog I really wasn't surprised that you won the whole shebang, you worked your guts out & you were fantastic. I got tears in my eyes when I heard your little girl calling out 'go mum' as I was missing my little one at the time. I hope you enjoyed your indulgences & aren't finding it too daunting to go & do it again - best of luck for the next one, but I doubt you'll need any (not with the mighty Sharon on your side!)
It's sometimes hard to know what next after you have done a comp. For me it will be full steam ahead & getting into crossfit in a big way as well as lots of sprinting.

MM xx


  1. Linda, it was sooo great to meet you on the weekend :) It was heaps of fun to share all the backstage madness with great girls :)

    You did look fantastic - something for a lil novice like me to aspire to :)) Your abba dabbas, and just your shape in general is perfect :)

    I'm suffering a bit today with the itchys from that damn tanning stuff... I don't wanna do the big scrub coz it will hurt too much... my skin is so raw from itching!!!!! If I don't though, I look like I have a skin disease ;)

    Hope your enjoying being back with your lil girl. You did great - I hope you're proud of yourself!!!

  2. PS - and now I can't wait to try some of your recipes!!!!!!! I'll have to troll back to find them ;)

  3. Linda, it was so great meeting you...but too quick..too late. I am sorry i didn't see/recognise you earlier. The whole day was a blur for me but I suppose that is always the way for the 1st comp.

    What a bummer about the tan, it is such lethal stuff. Everyone is staring at my hands at the shops, I am not scrubbing them, so I suppose i will go to my grave orange!

    I would love to keep in touch with and I will continue to read and love your blog.

    x x

  4. Glad you had a great time MM! Looking good up there on stage. :-) Can't wait to hear about the next chapter of crossfit for you.

  5. Hey Linda,
    So great to meet you on the weekend. I'm so glad I could help - really glad we got to have a good chat over our eggs at the cafe though, wasn't that yum :)

    Liz N

  6. Hey muscles!!!

    Thanks for the lovely comment. It was awesome to meet you in person and to enjoy the All females show backstage with you and Kate! You are definatley a "Yummy mummy" and you looked awesome on stage and have a gorgeous shape. Bummer about the tan - it is awful stuff isn't it. I look forward to following your crossfit training - make sure you blog and let us know what you are doing. Have a great week, hope to keep in touch. Shannon xx

  7. Linda, in all the madness, I didn't get to see you onstage, only out the back, so I'm trawling through other people's blog and Facebook photos now....

    You looked great - I wish I had half your muscle! Lovely to meet you. :o)

    Ugh to the tan-itchies...I'm not looking forward to that again.