Wednesday, July 8, 2009

whooooah Nellie!

Hold your horses, cos the time is nearly here!!! One more day til show time. Still have lots of practice to do & am still finishing my cossie - gives me something to take my mind off things at least. I have no idea how I will go - the tan is a total mystery as I haven't been able to practice with it before. I'm keeping things simple with my cossie & I was going to do the fake ponytail thing, but figure why the extra hassle (that is unless my hairdresser stuffs up tonight!) I'm finding I feel really positive in the mornings & get a bit anxious at night. I'm sure I'll be ok on the day - thanks for holding my hand Kate!!! Better go drink some more water - it is certainly flushing through like it should!!
See y'all on the other side....

MM xx


  1. Good luck for the weekend! I'm sure you'll be proud of yourself for just getting up there, it's been great hearing how the process has gone for you :)

  2. Best wishes for tomorrow MM! I look forward to hearing all about your big day and seeing some pics! Have fun! :)

  3. Good luck tomorrow! Just kind of randomly stumbled on your blog and have been fascinated reading your posts about the process leading up to the competition. Hope you do well!

  4. A little late but good luck! Hope you had a great time and I'm waiting to hear some news and see pics!! :-D

  5. Hey...
    I thought you looked amazing! It was great to meet you.