Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Plague on my house!

I'm still sick & so is my family. So damn over it!!! I can't hear properly, my sense of smell & taste is almost zero. I didn't even notice my daughter's poopy nappy until I saw it had squished all up my dressing gown arm!! (I'd been holding her for 10 mins!!) So the shnooz is really not good. This damn cough too is bugging me. I had a job interview Tues & had a coughing fit at the end - my eyes were streaming & my voice totally went & it was so embarrassing!! Too much talking & my mouth went dry. They understood of course, but I felt like a complete dickhead LOL. No gym since Monday, so I am going to be playing catch up next week. I have been using this time to do a fair bit of reflecting & musing. Getting myself geared up for the next chapter in life :)
Hope everyone is well & happy. I have been reading posts, but not commenting sorry! Been a bit hectic with sickness etc!



  1. Get well soon MM, and hope your job interview was successful! :-)

  2. Hi Mightee mouse, i hope you start feeling better soon you poor thing! Just wanted to say i think you looked great at the all females very inspiring!
    Look after yourself : )