Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day One!

Yay, My 'skinny bones'

I am joining Katie P and her team to improve myself & start me on my journey towards my goals. Which are:

Long term:
Achieve 9.6 (min) in the beep test
Bench Press 60kg (min 2 reps)
Deadlift 85kg (min 5 reps)
Put on muscles!!!

Short&long term:
Eat 'clean' 95% of the time (2 'relaxed' meals/week)
Exercise 6 times/week (at least - 30 min walk)

So today is day one of 100 - I can have 10 'slip ups' during the 100 days, so this is a really good way to stay focused & removes the 'All or Nothing' attitude. Today will probably just be the 30min walk as I will be shifting more bluemetal & retaining wall blocks tonight.
I will be watching everyone else's progress over this time - good luck gals!

MM xx


  1. Hi MM! Yay! this will be fun! :D Have a good day!

  2. Today was my first day, too! I would love to look even half as good as you do in the picture behind your title!

  3. hey there
    just found your blog hope your still going well you have motivated me to keep going.. I too am on a mission but am stuck :( check me out