Friday, July 17, 2009

Say it with me.....

Lean meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, NO SUGAR!! This is the 'Crossfit nutritional mantra' and am going to be following this with the occasional relaxed meal. I wil be very happy if I can do this mon-fri then be a little more flexible on weekends. I gave myself this week to have a mini blow out and I have done that, now it's time to refocus.
I have had a sick little girl on my hands all week, and now she has been so kind to share it with me too, so we are all coughing up lungs in this household. My gym session was marred by the crappy treadmills at the gym.....grrr!!! I didn't notice that the incline wasn't working until I tried to put it to 6% and nothing happened. So I jumped on the next one - again, nothing! and the next one made a very unhealthy noise & you guessed it - nothing!! Luckily I was the only one upstairs, as I swore my head off - I just wasn't in the mood. So I went & did some deadlifts.
Deadlifts: 10reps - 50kg
2x6 reps - 60kg
10reps - 60kg
supersetted with 10x overhead squats with 15kg bar
I really wasn't feeling up to much else, so just did some bent over rows & mucked around with the speedball.

I am looking at joining a new gym -woo hoo!! It looks totally awesome & HUGE. It has child-minding so it will be a winner if it is as good as it looks. Hasn't opened yet, but I have enquired & will get in early if it is up to scratch. It will be nice to go to a gym with equipment that isn't older than I am LOL :)

I also have a job interview next week - just a casual position at the aquatic centre, hopefully it will work out & it will suit me.

xx MM

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