Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Count 'em!

stick both hands in front of you and look at your fingers.......that's how many days left till I get on stage in a bloody tiny g string!!! HYPERVENTILATE!!! I'm really starting to freak, not that it is going to help at all, but there you go. I seem to have lost my ab definition - it was sooo much better a few weeks ago, now it is just sort of ....gone? I am so not where I wanted to be right now, so all I can do is close my eyes & step forward. I have wobbly bits everywhere, so I am going to have to step very slowly on stage so that it stops wobbling not too long after I do. Mighty Mouse, I am soooo disappointed in you!!


  1. Don't worry little Mouse. The last ten days are the most dramatic. You will be fine once you go through all that no water carry on!
    Don't be disappointed, be excited - you will look fabulous!!

  2. None of that please! you WILL be great! if you can say you have done the best you could have done you have nothing to be disappionted about... am I right?? lol. Keep truckin girl 10 days, like you said in you post. You reckon you had more definition a couple of weeks ago you know what can happen in 10 days, especially when you already lean. Do this babe :)

  3. Hey girl! hope you're feeling better.
    I used contest colour - the 6 coats or whatever it is, then tan master on the day (dream day was banned at the Brisbane venue).

  4. Hi MM,

    We are always are own worst critics.... You have done alot of hard work to get to this day - you should be soo proud of yourelf. You have done your best and you will look amazing!!! How many mum's look as hot and would even think about getting up on stage?? You will be great. How did you go with accomodation?