Saturday, August 29, 2009

And she's buuuuying a stair-way to....hea...ven, yeah!

This is a photo of my 'stairway to Hell' LOL, 185 long steps, sections that feel like they are straight up & when you get to where your lungs are going to burst & legs have gone to jelly, you look up & you STILL can't see the top :P I am going to have fun conquering it. The photo doesn't do it justice - it has a nice view down the hill too :)
My goal is to be able to run the whole length, first goal is to run it in 3 sections, with only 40 seconds rest. Fun, fun, fun!
BTW, I have been a bit absent from posting here, but I am keeping up with the forum on Lindy Olsen's Website - link!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Very sore upper body from yesterday, tomorrow it will feel worse, hate the day after a hard session as you know the second day is even worse!!
Just went for a walk and did my first beep test in ages - 7-1. Certainly nothing to rave about, but this is my new 'lowest' level from now on. I will be gradually smashing it week by week :)
Night all

Sunday, August 16, 2009


WOD: Fran ( 3 Rounds for time of: 21, 15, 9 thrusters/chin ups (thrusters with 15kg bar)
TIME: 9min 11sec

Im Baaa-aack! Lots of things have been happening, the BIGGEST is me getting back on track with my fitness goals. I have finally gotten my arse back into gear. It is still early days, but I have this LOUD voice in my head that yells at me - for example this morning at 5.30 when I'd hit snooze it said 'oi, get out of bed & go workout, NOW. If you lay here, you wont get back to sleep & you won't get another chance today to go so you may as well GET UP!' So I did (Sir, yes, Sir). I am still adjusting to the new gym environment. Unfortunately Launnie is way too small & my fresh start isn't so fresh - most of the faces in the gym are from my old gym! One guy in particular (nickname Grunty Guy) was there & mentally I just smacked my forehead. I don't have anything against him, but he just makes the most annoying noises :) At least he can't drop his weights as it has polished concrete floors. Though it didn't stop a girl putting a 20cm dent in the wall today! Poor thing, she was throwing a med ball up & they were only plasterboard walls (don't know why she thought it was solid!!) and bam! I felt sorry for her, she was sooooo embarrassed LOL.
My workout was a 'Fran' - the only chin up bars was one on the rack - so I had to get two aerobic steps at the high setting to reach them LOL. Now as it is a new gym, all the equipment is brand spanking new too - this is good & bad. The bad is that the grips on the bars & chip up bars felt like tiny razor blades - my hands are still stinging & I'm getting my ol blisters back with some new friends. I nearly gave up halfway through Fran, but I kept saying, toughen up buttercup & kept going. My hands were on fire afterwards. The time I did was one of my worst - but this was because I stopped to rub my hands going 'aaargh!' I did pretty well, and would have done OK time if I didn't have the hand thing.
So, I'm back - I probably won't do daily posts here as I am usually on Lindy Olsens forum mostly, but I am hoping to video some workouts when I get up to speed here later on.
Bye for now! Hope everyone is happy in training land too :)
MM xx

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Takin' a break.....

I'm going to take a little break from blogging - only a couple of weeks. I just think I need to get into a good groove again with life first. I didn't want to have this blog for a rant/rave, poor me session, so I am going to sort myself out & get back to my goals in a little while. For some reason, I just have this compulsion to wait until the new gym opens before I get back to exercising. I don't know why & can't explain it, but its a weird aversion I have, for no particular reason. I am REALLY looking forward to going to this new gym - will be open on the 10th, I just hope it's as good as they tell me, or that's a years membership down the drain LOL!
I got the comp DVD & I wasn't as cringe-worthy as I felt on the day, but certainly improvements will be made!
Ta ta for now.
MM xxx

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day One!

Yay, My 'skinny bones'

I am joining Katie P and her team to improve myself & start me on my journey towards my goals. Which are:

Long term:
Achieve 9.6 (min) in the beep test
Bench Press 60kg (min 2 reps)
Deadlift 85kg (min 5 reps)
Put on muscles!!!

Short&long term:
Eat 'clean' 95% of the time (2 'relaxed' meals/week)
Exercise 6 times/week (at least - 30 min walk)

So today is day one of 100 - I can have 10 'slip ups' during the 100 days, so this is a really good way to stay focused & removes the 'All or Nothing' attitude. Today will probably just be the 30min walk as I will be shifting more bluemetal & retaining wall blocks tonight.
I will be watching everyone else's progress over this time - good luck gals!

MM xx

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Plague on my house!

I'm still sick & so is my family. So damn over it!!! I can't hear properly, my sense of smell & taste is almost zero. I didn't even notice my daughter's poopy nappy until I saw it had squished all up my dressing gown arm!! (I'd been holding her for 10 mins!!) So the shnooz is really not good. This damn cough too is bugging me. I had a job interview Tues & had a coughing fit at the end - my eyes were streaming & my voice totally went & it was so embarrassing!! Too much talking & my mouth went dry. They understood of course, but I felt like a complete dickhead LOL. No gym since Monday, so I am going to be playing catch up next week. I have been using this time to do a fair bit of reflecting & musing. Getting myself geared up for the next chapter in life :)
Hope everyone is well & happy. I have been reading posts, but not commenting sorry! Been a bit hectic with sickness etc!


Friday, July 17, 2009

Say it with me.....

Lean meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, NO SUGAR!! This is the 'Crossfit nutritional mantra' and am going to be following this with the occasional relaxed meal. I wil be very happy if I can do this mon-fri then be a little more flexible on weekends. I gave myself this week to have a mini blow out and I have done that, now it's time to refocus.
I have had a sick little girl on my hands all week, and now she has been so kind to share it with me too, so we are all coughing up lungs in this household. My gym session was marred by the crappy treadmills at the gym.....grrr!!! I didn't notice that the incline wasn't working until I tried to put it to 6% and nothing happened. So I jumped on the next one - again, nothing! and the next one made a very unhealthy noise & you guessed it - nothing!! Luckily I was the only one upstairs, as I swore my head off - I just wasn't in the mood. So I went & did some deadlifts.
Deadlifts: 10reps - 50kg
2x6 reps - 60kg
10reps - 60kg
supersetted with 10x overhead squats with 15kg bar
I really wasn't feeling up to much else, so just did some bent over rows & mucked around with the speedball.

I am looking at joining a new gym -woo hoo!! It looks totally awesome & HUGE. It has child-minding so it will be a winner if it is as good as it looks. Hasn't opened yet, but I have enquired & will get in early if it is up to scratch. It will be nice to go to a gym with equipment that isn't older than I am LOL :)

I also have a job interview next week - just a casual position at the aquatic centre, hopefully it will work out & it will suit me.

xx MM

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bring it on!

Thanks for the feedback guys, I wasn't fishing for compliments, I promise, but was just trying to say how damn awful I felt at the time. I know it is a bit of body dis morphia, but it feels so real, if you know what you mean. I DO look good in the photos (not as good as I hoped of course!) but I know I didn't look as bad as I felt I looked. OK - no more dwelling on it!!! Lets move on
I am deciding how I am going to do my training from now on. I have a goal of running the beep test - 9.6, which I have been semi-working on for a while, and also packing on more muscle. That is ALWAYS a goal for me! I really need to bring up my shoulders and chest. Bench press has always been my most hated, but sometimes it feels great. My former best weight has been 50kg. I gave it a crack yesterday after nearly a year of doing Bpress & did 3x7reps of 40kg. It didn't feel too heavy, but I have a dicky L shoulder, so didn't want to overdo it.
Yesterday's workout was:
intervals on t'mill: worked up to 10 & 14
Bench press: 20k warm up set, 30k x10rep, 40kx7,7,7reps
standing overhead press: 20k x10rep, then supersetted with 5 handstand pushups (couldn't do full ones though!)
Cable crossovers 3x10
I noticed doing this workout I was still freezing. Normally I warm up so quickly doing crossfit stuff. I will have to watch that, so I don't get injured. Feeling pretty good - not really sore, just feels as though I've worked out. That will change over the next few weeks when I get into the swing again. Bring it on!!!

I am thinking of how best to combine my sprinting, crossfit & weight training. Crossfit is so adaptable that it pretty much covers the other two, but I just have to decide on which workouts will encompass my goals the best.

MM xx

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Reflections and moving on

I've given myself till the end of the week to get all the comp stuff out of my head. I am starting to feel much better about how I went, at the time I was a complete mess. I certainly learned a lot from the experience - the first being that I do not have any ounce of objectivity in me when it comes to my physique!!! I honestly felt like I was an inflated balloon on the day, but photos have proven to me that that wasn't true. However, lesson 1. for me is if I ever do this again, I need to have a trainer on my side. I need the objectivity of that someone on the day who has been with me leading up to the comp telling me what I need to do, how & when. I'm a stubborn one, and it has taken me many years to accept that sometimes, you need a little help!!! (I think it's my napoleon syndrome :) Lesson 2. is NEVER use Jan Tana - American crap can kiss my arse!!! I do however loove the smell of the pre tan body scrub, so that can live happily in my shower. I should have known it was a little dodgy when the label started to run when it got wet!! How cheap arse is that?!
Lesson 3. Get better shoes - While the platforms help with height, I was just too constrained in my posing & was preoccupied with not falling off them. I just couldn't feel comfortable & it was a huge distraction. So I am going to have to come down a few inches. (I'll just have to go all Zsa Zsa Gabore in the hair department for the extra height LOL) Lesson 4. Get better at applying makeup. I know I have to look like a hooker, but I have trouble troweling on that much makeup, especially the lippy. What I had was way too light. Lesson 5. Grow huge delts immediately!!! I have brought my legs up to speed, now I really need those Terry's Chocolate Oranges on my shoulders to grow into cannonball melons. It really does wonders for the whole package & I've always looved the look of nice arms/shoulders - so this will be my main focus from now on.
I have scarffed down the chokkie stash that had been waiting for me till after this comp & pigged out on garlic bread, so now it's back to good eating from now on. I am back to dabbling in some nice recipes - which I love to do. I've only had one training session this week - due to Josie being sick, but am getting my focus back on track.
Happy camping everyone!
P.s I think there was meant to be a Tsunami overnight off Tassie's coast? I slept through it, must have been a Bonsai Tsunami.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


me second from left - unfortunately not enough for height classes, so I was with the big gals!!

Well I must say I am relieved it is all over!!! I think I came to the realisation that the sparkle has gone out of competing for me. I have major tanning issues (I ended up a bit green on stage & now I'm covered in a lovely rash!!) and the terrible nervousness & self doubt consumed me a bit - as the lovely Kate can testify too! However the best part of the whole experience was meeting such wonderful people. Shannon - with the most amazing cannonball delts & warm heart, Selina - those legs & abs were a standout! and such a lovely person, Liz - thankyou so much for your help with tanning and advice - and you did such a great job with your girls! Kerry - was great chatting with you at lunch. So lovely to meet LJ & her friend (Friday I think?) such supportive girls, Rae, Jadey, Jeh I met briefly and many more! It made the whole day worthwhile. Kate - you were the shinning light of the day - thank you so much for taking the WHOLE day to spend with me & a bunch of half naked (well, mosly 7/8ths naked!) women stinking of dream tan & hairspray. After the initial shock, you took to it soo well & maybe even had a little inkling there of giving it a go! (Amazed it didn't put you off completely LOL). Clare - after reading your blog I really wasn't surprised that you won the whole shebang, you worked your guts out & you were fantastic. I got tears in my eyes when I heard your little girl calling out 'go mum' as I was missing my little one at the time. I hope you enjoyed your indulgences & aren't finding it too daunting to go & do it again - best of luck for the next one, but I doubt you'll need any (not with the mighty Sharon on your side!)
It's sometimes hard to know what next after you have done a comp. For me it will be full steam ahead & getting into crossfit in a big way as well as lots of sprinting.

MM xx

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

whooooah Nellie!

Hold your horses, cos the time is nearly here!!! One more day til show time. Still have lots of practice to do & am still finishing my cossie - gives me something to take my mind off things at least. I have no idea how I will go - the tan is a total mystery as I haven't been able to practice with it before. I'm keeping things simple with my cossie & I was going to do the fake ponytail thing, but figure why the extra hassle (that is unless my hairdresser stuffs up tonight!) I'm finding I feel really positive in the mornings & get a bit anxious at night. I'm sure I'll be ok on the day - thanks for holding my hand Kate!!! Better go drink some more water - it is certainly flushing through like it should!!
See y'all on the other side....

MM xx

Monday, July 6, 2009

Bye bye carbs, for now...

Had my last carbs tonight until Friday, well apart from veggies & a little soy milk in coffee. I will surely miss them! Countdown has begun on this week & I'm swinging madly between excitement and terror. The weird dreams have started too, which don't help! Hopefully my carb up will go well & I will look good for Saturday. Its going to be a long day - have to be up prob 4am to get ready & go to fly out at 6.30am. Better go catch some ZZZs now, nighty night!!

MM xx

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The word of the day is....

Cellulite - and I haz it. It's going to be a part of my package I'm bringing to the stage with me LOL, I think I might highlight it with some extra rhinestones....mmm noice, I like it, it's noice, different, unusual. What can you do, but laugh? Oh well, it will make me look even more brave. I feel like it has been a bit of a clumsy effort this comp prep, but I guess that happens when you juggle everything and then get a few set backs. I am reasonably happy with the rest of me - there's just that annoying dimply patch on the thigh, hammie area that is sticking like glue! The thing that scares me is that I am white-as & of course when I'm darker, that is just going to eccentuate it more....oh crap, what if there is more than I can see now....crap, crap, crap-o-rama!!! I may be a late scratching ha, ha. Whew, I will take a deep breath & go have a bath. Might try a little massage therapy on those spots, cant hurt!
Hope everyone is going well - this time next week it's all over red rover!!!

MM xxx

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Get the party started. ....

Yay, it has finally arrived, peak week!!! I feel soo much better now & am getting my spark back. Well, I guess it has been about a year since I started thinking about embarking on this journey & 12 weeks since I started knucking down. It has certainly flown by. I'm beginning to get a flutter of excitement. I HAVE done the hard yards and I HAVE earned my place on that stage. I HAVE achieved my goals of getting my shape back after bub & I HAVE got to be HAPPY with that!!!
Looking forward to meeting you all in a week + 1days time. Is it going to be fun or what??!!
MM xxx

P.S after the comp I am going to make my favourite cookies - peanut butter & chooc chip - I am even going to make them with real sugar!! (going to be hard to do LOL)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Count 'em!

stick both hands in front of you and look at your fingers.......that's how many days left till I get on stage in a bloody tiny g string!!! HYPERVENTILATE!!! I'm really starting to freak, not that it is going to help at all, but there you go. I seem to have lost my ab definition - it was sooo much better a few weeks ago, now it is just sort of ....gone? I am so not where I wanted to be right now, so all I can do is close my eyes & step forward. I have wobbly bits everywhere, so I am going to have to step very slowly on stage so that it stops wobbling not too long after I do. Mighty Mouse, I am soooo disappointed in you!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

On the mend....

I finally had a day where I felt like I was actually improving, hooray! I even managed a gym session. My weights were a struggle, so much that I didn't finish all sets, but I had a go at the gerkin test - I did better than I had previously! I guess I must have had full energy stores from eating but not training. I was really starting to feel left behind, as everyone else seemed out there burning off those last bits of fat, while I was treading water. On the food side, my appetite returned with my exercise, but now I am feeling very bloated. I have to work out what it is that did it, so I avoid it in the coming week! I think my body randomly bloats for some reason - very annoying.
Anyway, I'm not out of the woods yet, but at least I'm back to the land of the living!
I am busily sewing stones onto my cossie - should get it finished this week. Next, will be getting my bag organised. I'm not taking checked in luggage, so will have to take the absolute minimum - that will be interesting. Maybe I will have to strap things to my body to get them onboard LOL! smuggle some egg whites & rice tee, hee.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another moan....

Woe is me still!!! I've got the lurgy in my chest now & I just feel like crap. I think I will go into a mini hibernation until I feel better. I am no good to anyone at the moment, all I can do is watch what I put in my mouth & try to get better. I really don't need this extra hassle - it will turn into stress & I don't need that this close to the comp. I was hoping to go hard this week, but won't be able to now, thinking about it, it's starting to pi#$ me off!! Sick & tired of being Sick & tired grrrr!!! Damn sore throat, damn runny nose, damn cough, I've had enough :(

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flying Solo

I have talked it over with my other half & we think it will be less hassle if I go to the comp by myself - I just don't think our little girl would cope too well with the long day & I wouldn't be able to give her enough attention, so I'm heading out there alone!! Well, I won't really be alone of course as I now know a few of you going, thankfully. I think my cold hit a peak last night - had to sleep half sitting up - my head is just soooo full of ......well you know what, I just hope I haven't given it to my little one (I think my hubby is succumbing!) I am going to have a bit of an experiment (food-related) this afternoon & see if I can't come up with something good. I'm finding food easy at present - actually it hasn't been that much of a struggle, I just get the occasional pang for something - which is usually just oats or rice crackers anyway. I think I've trained my palate pretty well. I am not really wanting a binge after teh comp, as I have been down that road before & it's not a good one. Whatever I have, I will make it myself & it will be a one off. My eating will be pretty much the same as now, I will just add back in my good fats - missing my nuts!!! and some fruit, cottage cheese mmmmmm! and of course soy milk for my long cappaccinos (I miss them so much!)

Ok enough food talk - I have gymnastics tonight, will try & take it easy. Then again, I may do my first muscle up!!! I just have to not hurt myself LOL.

Can't wait to feel better - haven't trained or done cardio in a few days eeeekk!!


MM xx

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Now moved to Sicksville!

.....yep, I have succumbed. Have a raging sinus infection & possibly tonsilitis, wonderful combination. I will be resting up & steaming my nasal passages as the Dr recommends. Puts a bit of a stop to cardio & training, but I know my health is more important. Just the setback I didn't need!!! At least my appetite has reduced as well, so at least I shouldn't change in weight. I think I will just focus on getting my routine down pat & a little posing....whimper..... I should bounce back in a couple of days, I normally don't stay sick for too long.
Hope you all have an extra hard training session for me, LOL!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I'm the mayor of this town at the moment. Fighting through a cold & I think the little one may be teething - she was attached permanantly to my legs all day. I wondered where I was getting those little bruises on the backs of my thighs LOL. I am trooping along. It's getting hard but I can see an end in sight. My cosssie arrived woo hoo! It is a lovely olive green colour - all velvety & shimmery. Now I just have to add a few sparkles. I'm really hoping I surprise myself on the day & look better than I think I'm going to look.
Tired now, nighty night.

Monday, June 22, 2009


this is me a couple of days before Josie was born - or was it after I had a big mac meal?? can't remember!

That is the sound of time flying by & me going what the????? Had a very busy weekend - my little girl's first birthday & first taste of sweet stuff! She stuck her little finger in the cake icing & went back for seconds - she surprised me by not really having much at all - that's my girl!! It was a great day, and I still can't believe I have a 1yr old!!
Have a bit of a cold at the moment & my workout today felt like wading through cement. But I got in and did it. Tonight I will go for a jog.
Not much else to report - my cossie hasn't arrived just yet, but it's on its way. I just need to sort some make up now & work on routine. I have decided to just rehash my 04 routine & make some changes as I haven't got time to start from scratch. Not being negative here, but I don't reckon I'll get the chance to do it as only top 3 will perform at the night show. Ooops, just remembered - must book accommodation!!!

Nighty night all,
MM xxx

Friday, June 19, 2009


(this is a Muscle Up!!)

I took my little girl to kinder gym today & found out they have classes for Adults on friday nights, so of course I said oooh, that sounds like fun! And it was - I almost did a 'muscle up' on my first go he, he. That was after the instructor said oh, no rings are for the boys, girls only use the bars HA! She was impressed. So I am now learning to walk on my hands, do the splits, back flips & muscle ups woo hoo! I wish I had found out about this earlier - I can see I'm going to have fun with it (and possibly a few injuries). It gave me a nice break from the gym & is using strength moves in a fun way.
Busy, busy day. MIL is here for a visit, so I had a yummy roast turkey waiting for me when I got home, yay. I just hope I don't put on 5kg with all her good cooking. We are making the birthday cake tomorrow, so I have to be good & not lick the bowl!!! (will be the first time I have ever achieved this LOL).
Hope everyone has a great weekend - train hard peeps, not long to go now for us All Femalers!!! EEEEEEKKKKK

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Humbled..../Tassie bogan!

Say how you really feel Tiarna LOL!! I know you meant it in a nice way - & thank you for the kick up the bum, I needed it! Everything you said was right - I have done well & it is too close to lose it now. Thanks also Tara, you are one of my inspirations too :)
I think one of my biggest hurdles is the brain just doesn't register what is going on with the body. If I don't go to the gym for say a day or two, I feel like all my muscles have melted away & I instantly turn into a puddin' - I have to remind myself constantly that no, this is not true. Somedays it just gets the better of me & that was definitely today - brought on by a couple of days away from exercising.
I got back on that horse & had a fun session at the gym - just some interval sprints (until I felt my dinner stirring, so I stopped LOL) then deadlifts, chins, dips, overhead presses & speedball work. I have a new vein showing - unfortunately it's on my chest & it looked pretty gross. I don't mind them on my arms, but on my flat chest isn't a good look, I am kinda proud of it anyway :)
I took my camera & did my 'Tassie Bogan' posing in the changerooms. It would be so much fun to just get up on stage & pose stupidly like this - c'mon, it is such a silly sport when you think about it hey? I love my beanie!!! BTW - I tried out a bit of tan on one side of my abs, so that's not a curry stain LOL!

Hope you all have a lovely evening.
xxx MM

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Feeling unbelievably tired of late - didn't do any exercise yesterday & I doubt I'll get any done today. I think I'm still recovering from the wekend & the last workout. My tan finally came today, hooray - have had a bit of a play with it - I reckon I will need about 6 coats!! I am sooo white LOL. I don't do the base tan anymore, so it's only going on the day before the comp. I also had an email & my bikini is being posted, hooray - just hope I don't need to do too much adjusting (will definitely need a little ahem padding up top as I am not already enhanced there!) I don't think I'd ever go down the fake boobies path - I would just look funny & they would just get in the way. I hated having to strap them in when I was first breastfeeding - it was painful to run & I couldn't sleep on my belly, which I love.
It has been so cold here - 0 deg overnight & not much better during the day, I think my body is going into a hibernation. I am really struggling to get motivated, which is bad as I need to be getting so close. I have let those thoughts creep in like - 'ah well, there's nothing saying I HAVE to do the comp, I will just lose all that money on airfares etc, no biggie'. Hmmmm......I am waiting for inspiration to strike again! Suck it up princess :P

Monday, June 15, 2009

Back to the grind

I had a good session last night. Did the Gerkin test on the tready - love that thing, thanks for telling me about it Kate! Got up to 9-10 I think? Had to hang on for the last 30 secs, as I felt like I was going to fall off LOL. Incline was 10% running at 12. Then I went & did a 'Cindy' - I equalled my PB, which I am really stoked about - my kipping pull ups were so much better, my grip didn't give out either - it was the pushups where I lost time, I really need to get back into bench pressing seriously. Food has been good (very bored with it all though). I'm too scared to look in the mirror lately, I just know nothing has is getting frustrating. I have my little girl's first birthday this Sunday - I can't believe how quick it has gone. I am trying to organise some food that I can have too, without going overboard. Think I'll do some yummy Shelly's sausage rolls, they're great using my meatball recipe.
Better run, xx

and the results were....

fairly average, I went a bit crazy on the carbs friday night & paid for it the next day. I felt the sugar hangover pretty bad & not being able to have water that night played havoc with my mind - I just wanted a glass of water! Silly how your mind plays tricks on you. I am obviously not lean enough for the carb/deplete carb load to have too much effect, so I think I am going to skip the dramatic drop/load & just keep with my fairly low carb & just have a little more the night before the show. I thought I looked better on the friday when depleted & full of water - so go figure. I would like to do some research on this as I bet it is all anecdotal stuff & no actual testing has been done! Anyhow, my weekend away from life was a nice break, but I am paying for it now - I ate pretty badly & didn't have much sleep, but it was all for a good cause. Got a snap of me & Ronnie too - he is a lovely man & running a great charity. Back to the grind stone for me - went for a jog last night & it felt fantastic, just what I needed to clear my head. Will head off to the gym tonight as it has been too long since I touched metal LOL.
Nighty night xx

Friday, June 12, 2009

off to chop wood!

As the title suggests - well it actually says what I'm up to, but this is no ordinary wood!! No, it's for a good cause. Every year my brigade (vol fire brigade) goes up to Appin Hall (Ronnie Burns' place) to chop their wood for the winter. Appin Hall is a place for disadvantaged kiddies & families so they can have a break & catch up on some R&R. Ronnie is a really lovely guy & it is a fun weekend. Apart from Maggie, Ronnies wife - I will be the only chick!! Don't worry, I can hold my own with the chainsaw :) So it's going to be a different sort of workout this weekend, hopefully it wont be in the rain this year.
Have a great weekend everyone!
MM xx

Thursday, June 11, 2009 this thing working...?

Well it's the carb up day for my little pre comp test & the verdict is.... well, not 100% sure yet (will know in the morning) but I'm pretty sure I'm not lean enough for it to make much difference. I am soooo thirsty now as I stopped drinking at 4pm (I had 3.5L today, so surely it is just my mind playing tricks on me) but now that I have had some simple sugars, all I want is a nice glass of water. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid sport LOL! Anyway, it wasn't all in vain, I now know I have to go even harder than I was & really ramp it up for the finish line. Haven't got my tan yet & my costume has only just been started, I just hope it isn't far away as I'd like to add some bling to it. Hey, a girl can't go on bling-less now can she? I feel like a fat pig now & my mouth feels disgusting. I was just so happy to be eating oats again today, I can't wait to get back to my sensible eating. I'm already thinking of after-comp. I plan to get back into kicking my own arse at Crossfit - really want to get good & fit & strong. At the moment with dieting I can't quite go as hard as I want to.
I'm going to brush my teeth, bleahh feels like the sugar is eating away at them as I type...ick!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I've had enough, my tanks really hit the empty mark today - snappier than an especially snappy person who has a special reason to be snappy....that was me.  Again I spent most of today trying to talk myself into (& out of again) eating is times like this that I think 'what a stupid sport',  'why the hell am I doing this to myself?', 'Does that guy's head look like a doughnut or is it just me?' etc, etc. I feel like crap & look like crap, so I must be doing it right LOL... I weighed in at 48kg this morning, so the water is flushing through nicely. I am going to be soooo dissapointed if it doesn't make a lick of difference tomorrow when I carb up. Oh well, it's not going to do any harm, and at least if it doesn't change, I won't put myself though this torture again for the comp. 

I entered the comp today, I had thoughts of them putting a limit on the no. of competitors after the email saying it was a record no. already! I immediately felt like backing out.....sigh, there will be more moments like that to come in the next month ha, ha.

I am a bit sick of myself at the moment - I just can't think of anything else but food, or comp stuff...I need a hobby :) 

Hope all is well out there in comp prep land ladies.....


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My body seems to be handling the low carb well - not feeling tired & can still do running hill sprints & didn't burn out, but my tummy & head hate it!!!  So many times today I said to myself, ok, give in & eat some rice cakes, or potatoes or youghurt - it was really hard feeding my daughter her oats this morning! She didn't want to finish it & I had to chuck those lovely creamy oats in the bin :(  I could have easily finished them off......but no, I survived one more day of virtually no-carb. I find that with meals without carbs I am hungry an hour later - whether they are false hunger pangs, it still feels like I am always wanting something. It really isn't a long term eating plan for me - I never did well in the past on low carb & I never will again, I am just curious to see how my body responds to the carbing up process. I have a feeling I'm going to be starting it tomorrow! I don't think I could go another full day of meat & veg & egg whites. (I loooove those foods, but with oats or sweet potato thown in during the day!) 
Today's workout was cardio - increasing incline & speed to L9 (10% incl & 10km/hr) then I did interval sprints - 12k/hr @ 10% incline for 30sec/recover 1min @6km/hr. This was really good, I wanted to give up but didn't. Then I finished off with some box jumps & speedball work for funsies :) 
Got an email from the INBA that scared the life out of me - saying it was a record no. of entries in the All Female (i haven't actually even entered yet!) & that the big guns will be competing!! So my chances of a look in are getting slimmer by the day. If I don't place, I'm not going to try my luck at another event to qualify for the oympia - my dream will have to wait another year...oh well I'll just set my sights on something else. 

Off to dream of profiteroles & creme patisserie! yuuummm.
Night all, train hard won'tcha!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Day one - droppin the carbs

Felt ok till about mid afternoon, then my energy seeped through the back of the couch I was snoozing on. I went & did a depletion workout - and as expected felt pretty tired & lack lustre - I think it must have been in my head as this is only day 1 - i've got 3 more to go!!! I may cut it back to 3 days low carb, as I am only fun-size & most depletion diets are designed for king sized mars bars....mmmmmmm mars bars....
I had about 3.5L of water today & have been peeing like a racehorse - not going to get much sleep tonight I don't reckon!
To answer your questions Selina, I think I have to be in the open as I have won a state comp - in Tas, where there isn't a lot of competition. I really feel out of place in the open, but hey I get to learn from the big girls :) Yes I am tiny ;( in my head I'm Huuuuuge though!!! I usually come in at 47kg or so - that's with water depletion etc....the scales say I'm not far off, but the mirror doesn't agree. From front & side on I look ok, but I have these really annoying little saddlebags at the top of the thighs, that I hate & I am still carrying chub on my triceps, grrrrr.....

That's all from me today, nighty night xx

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bloaty Bloat!

Why does this happen? I haven't changed my diet & all of a sudden I am bloated this arvo?? The only thing I had different was a protein bar yesterday, one I don't normally have, but apart from that it's all been the same stuff. I haven't had TTOM for 1yr & 9mths since before I had my little girl, so I REALLY hope it isn't that - not looking forward to that returning!!! Had a great weekend - Today we went to the new aquatic centre here - its AWESOME! A huge 50m indoor pool, great play pools for the kids, I am so impressed. I swam 10 laps of the 50m. I'm not a great swimmer, so it was good cardio for me :). Then after morning tea I went to the gym & did some hill sprints & threw some weights around and finished with some posing practice.  I may have to go for a walk after dinner to try & feel less bloaty too. The scales were 48.2kg this morning, so very close to my drop to 48kg for the week. I'm expecting it will go up tomorrow due to my expanded belly right now, but I know it's only temporary. 

I have been doing some more research into the final week preparation. Now, previously I have done what I was told by friends, & a trainer I had & I have had fairly mixed results. I usually carb deplete & salt deplete then carb up. As we all know it can be a bit hit and miss & if you get it wrong, you can look REALLY bad - this is what happened to me at my last comp, so from the research I have done, I am going to try just adjusting the carbs & water & not worry about the salt. This is where you can get bad rebound probs & for me, I used to look better on the day before the show. With the peak week program I have found, I will be carb depleting for 4 days then just a one day carb up. I like the sound of this one, & may make a few adjustments to suit me.  I am going to test it out this week, as it is only a bit over 1 month from the comp, I need to see what works now rather than leave it to chance. Sticking to it is going to be hard, especially the depletion workouts, which are going to kill me with no carbs!! We'll just have to see how it goes - wish me luck!!! 

MM xx

Friday, June 5, 2009

Feeling Good

I love Saturday mornings, especially when I have had a good gym session, have had my weekly coffee & protein bar fix - I feel on top of the world! But I still have my heels firmly planted on the floor - still a lot of work ahead for this little bunny :) 
Yesterday I did 45min walk & then 100 SDLHP (sumo deadlift highpulls), 50 squat presses, 30 Burpees. Only used a 6kg weight as my shoulder is still dicky. 
This morning I did some HIIT on the tready for 25mins (sprinting at 12km/hr with 10%incline 40sec, 60 sec rest) then I did 100 SDHP's with 15kg, some dips & chins, then had a play with the speedbag & jumping over an aerobics step. 
Thoughts I'd share a photo of one of my favourite meals (on or off season) & an ab shot, oh & one of my cute daughter in her beanie. Have a great weekend everyone! 
xx MM

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Got myself to the gym again today -thanks to hubby coming home early. Just did a little bit of everything & not too heavy as my L shoulder is not quite right. Have a feeling I may have done it while posing -dangerous to your health! I spread my lats hard & with the little twist in the back, Ithink it impinges on a nerve as my hand goes a bit tingly. Oh well, it's only temporary. Does anyone else get a really achey lover back from all that arching? I always feel like I look as though I have something shoved up my bottom LOL (if you see me laughing on stage - this is prob what I'm thinking).  Had the turkey in a stir fry - it was devine, so tender I'm def hooked! 
I am looking forward to trying out the Jan Tana - I think I'm a bit over the Dream Tan. I am too much of a stress head to have to put tan on backstage - I would rather be ready to go when I get there & I will def be more relaxed if I don't have to go through that crappo. 
What's left for me to do? 
  • Haven't worked out routine yet, but will prob recycle moves from previous ones - thankfully the routines aren't counted in your score - I should just get up there & do some silly poses (think Bev Frances in her hotel room after comp in Pumping Iron II - funny!) 
OK anyone who hasn't seen Pumping Iron II - shame, shame!! Its classic - soooo cheesey but still inspiring. Think leg warmers & spandex leotards, chewing gum & headbands, boofy hair....I must get it on DVD. I really liked Carla Dunlap (think thats her last name?) and Rachel McLish, what a Diva!  
  • Costume is coming from NZ - I couldn't afford one of Jo Roger's creations this time round, her's are stunning so am getting an import from Seem like lovely people. 
  • Music - I am still deciding, I think I shall enlist the help of Tara to do the CD, less stress for moi
  • Oh yeah, enter the comp & pay fees! This is the real kicker - will be no turning back after that. Wonder where I'll be standing in line up? Anyone else in the short-arse class??
  • Posing practice - check
  • Shoes - check
  • Lose another 2-3kg......coming along - weight is now 48.6. Am hoping to get to 48 by next week. 
  • Anything else???
That's all for now, good night all! 

P.S I was thinking whilst doing cardio that a good costume for the freeware round for anyone doing sportsmodel would be to dress up as the hogs breath chick - timely given the swine flu epidemic! LOL (actually, this won't be funny if they cancel the event because of it!!!)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Excitement Plus!!

Went to the shops to get some food for my big cook up & what did I find?? Turkey steak!! First time it has finally made it's way into the meat cabinet in woolies down here, bout bloody time! I was sooo happy,  I nearly did a binky in the store :p (that's the cute little bunny hop/foot kick that rabbits do when they're happy). I bought some of the thigh fillet too - wasn't too bad in fat & when I bake them on a rack, most of it comes off. I was this happy when kangaroo meat appeared too.  I may have to get rid of my countdown clock - It is so scary seeing the days tick off!! I haven't been able to get to the gym again, so I am really hanging out for it, tomorrow hopefully! I had a big cookup & prepped my veggies for the next few days. I love cooking, but I get a bit sick of doing it every day, I never leave the kitchen it feels like! So I steamed some chicken, boiled some potatoes, baked some pumpkin (for my daughter), cooked some egg whites, whizzed up some protein jelly dessert stuff and chopped up some broc, cauli, beans & a little carrot. I should have done a bit more, but am too tired.  Have decided to give jan tana a whirl - got the high def stuff, which is meant to be good. I know I will react to it, but will put it on the Friday before show so I shouldn't be too itchy the next day. 
Am yet to book accommodation - thanks for the info Shan, will check it out.  Is anyone feeling happy with their prep so far? Most of the blogs I've read are the same as me - a little behind the eightball & trying to play catch up. That would be good if we are all in the same shape when we get up there LOL. I'll be with you Rae doing cardio right up to the day! 
Better go get some rest - heres hoping I get a full night's sleep HA!

Train hard everyone xxx

Sunday, May 31, 2009


I can see the next few weeks going by too quickly and, as I have done in the past, not achieved the package I so desparately want to bring to the comp. All I can do now is be consistent & patient.  I seem to have buggered my left shoulder - don't know how, feels like there is a ligament out of place - hopefully it will get better soon, otherwise I might be in a bit of trouble. 
Food has been good (& boring)
Did an hour walk today & will get to the gym tonight & do some running intervals & a bit of weights. This close, I'm not so worried about the weights, just concentrating on conditioning. 
I've been doing a little posing practice - forgot how sore you get. I also forgot how shakey I get - I shake like a leaf on stage, but I don't worry too much as it's not greatly noticable...if you're in the back row LOL. 
Train hard y'all
MM xxx

Saturday, May 30, 2009


How the hell did that happen?? I just ate 10 marshmallows....with some peanut butter. I had them two at a time - heated in the microwave & just kept going back for much for low carb today :( silly me!!! Bloody hell it was nice though!

Quick check in

Low carb went ok today - was pretty hard to get through my Crossfit workout, but pulled through in the end ;) 
5 Rounds for time of: 5 Deadlifts (60kg), 10 Burpees.  My time was 6'51" my legs were like jelly by the second round, but then the shock kicked in & I carried it through. Did a bit of treadly running, have been letting my intervals slide a bit, better get back on that wagon. Things are starting to shift (i.e the chub) so steady as she goes from here on.  Would love to have been at the ANB pacific comp today - would be soooo motivational. I will just have to wait for some piccies. 
Nighty night. 

Friday, May 29, 2009

Sing BIG Little Birdy...

The title was a bit of 'street art' someone painted on the pavement which I saw when going for an early morning walk. I felt like it was painted as a special message just for me :) Am starting to cycle carbs today so today is a low-carb. Going ok so far, in my diet I am allowed some fruit on low carb days - usually timed around workouts/cardio. I can tell when my body is burning fat - usually at night I feel like I have the hot flushes, it's a good feeling. It has been a rough week, but I think things have turned around, I'm going great with my diet, which is usually the first thing that suffers when I'm under stress. 
I am looking at trying some new tan this comp. I am sh%$ with dream tan - I just get it everywhere. It's OK for the 'all in one' comps, like NABBA but I hate the 2 show format of prejudging & show - I get the stuff everywhere. Would love to hear of anyone's experience with the new Jan Tana Ultra 1 - it's only new, so prob hasn't been tried by many - heard various reports from the US. You only need 1 coat on the day of show apparently. I have sensitive skin & can't tolerate the numerous coats over 2-3 days. Will keep investigating. Wish they did sample pots, like paint!!

Train hard y'all
MM xxx

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stary stary night

While most people were cuddled up together on their couches, I decided to go for a jog last night. It was 7deg with an icy wind here in Tassie, so perfect conditions for a run! I had my beanie pulled down & scarf wrapped around my face - people must have thought I was a burgalar mwaah haar! I really enjoyed it - the stars were all out & a beautiful moon crescent & I think I was the only one around to enjoy it - I love moments like this.  From now on, cardio is imperitive, so I will be getting a few more chances at night from now on. Hi to everyone else competing in a few weeks - can't wait to see you all in the flesh! I still need to get rid of a bit of my flesh LOL.  My strategy now is going to be carb cycling - just a two day split - don't think I'd survive any longer on low carbs. I need to start feeling a difference soon. 


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday horrubilus

Well, yesterday was the worst I've had in a looong time. My little girl decided that she would not take a nap whatsover until she collapsed at 3.30. By this time I was so wound up & frustrated that I didn't have any 'me' time at all, which is probably well & good as she woke up only an hour later....I got to the gym in the evening & did the Gerkin treadmill test - thanks to Kate who introduced me to this torture device!!!! It's just what I need to get my arse into gear. I got to 11mins 30 (I think that's level 9??) I did it twice & got to the same time, so I need to work on it. Freaked me out having the incline so high & trying to run my arse off!! stopped at 8% incline speed 11km/hr. I am trying to get to 10%incline & 12km/hr - phew...
Anyway, my diet has managed to survive this week so far - sometimes it feels like I am punishing myself & that makes me feel bad for a while, but ultimately I know I am stronger for resisting & it is all worth it. 
I have ordered a bikini - I normally make my own, but can't be arsed - I'm too time poor as it is. I'm considering which tan to use - I have problem skin & can't do the layers of contest colour before, so I need something that I can use on the day or day before. I will be itchy for a week after, but that is to be expected. I must have the worst body for this sport - why do I do it?!!!
Haven't been able to take any progress pics as hubby has left the chargers at work, so will have to wait for that. Scales were 48.6 this morning, so that is positive. Still not seeing much improvement in the mirror however.....I am soo impatient. 
Gotta go, 

Train hard y'all xxx

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I don't normally go by my weight, as it is getting down to just the last few (bloody annoying) kg's, but WTF - two nights in a row before going to bed I have weighed myself then in the morning doing the same (before peeing!) and I drop 1 kg overnight. I would jump for joy about now, but it goes up again by night time. Last night it was reading 49.6 - this morning 48.4. Really annoying as tonight it will be up to 49.6 again.....keep plodding & see what happens. Had a baaaad night. Little Jose was up at 2am & we couldn't settle her till 4am. I had an absolute spaz as I'm not the calmest when woken from deep sleep. Feel like a horrible mother now, MUST NOT do that again. Just did some cardio yesterday - big pram walk up some hills for an hour then walk to shops after dinner. I was starving all yesterday, but ate quite a bit - all good though. I had a big breakie of oats, & i'm still hungry. Good sign I guess, just have to keep chugging away. MUST do some photos before my head explodes with doubts I can do this, I need some hard evidence one way or other. 
I have already booked my flights, just need accommodation. Anyone know if there's accommodation within walking distance to venue?? 

MM xxx

Monday, May 25, 2009

Chasin da pump

Firstly thanks ladies for the comments, looking forward to meeting some of you at the All Females - it's really not far to go now!!!

Starting to get over the hump I think, had a good days eating, but still have that frustrated feeling - I feel like a big puffy marshmallow - don't know what's going on with my body but the fat is staying put! I have declared war on it anyhow and now it's shakin'. I must have the worst bodyfat distribution - some people have cut arms, or great legs most of the year, not me. I have this virtually permanant even layer of chub just under the skin - everywhere!! apart from my boobies of course - the one place I wouldn't mind some he he. Anyway, its head down, arse up & I am going to see if I can go a week without looking in the mirror expectantly looking for a miraculous drop in BF :) 
Ok, tonights workout was good - finally feeling like I'm getting there again. Did my fave - 'Cindy' workout - As many rounds of: 5 chin ups/10 push ups/15 air squats. Got to 14 rounds (left shoulder was playing up after 10, so that pulled me up a bit) but my PB is 15, so I was v. happy. I then did some bar work & finished with db lateral raises - did a drop set & boy it was good to feel a pump again! 

Night all 

MM xx

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Blip on the radar....

Having a bit of a hard time. Feeling pretty low as we are having some problems with our little girl. She has been really, really upset at bedtimes & I think me being so grumpy has really made it worse. I ended up just cuddling her & crying my eyes out, I felt sooo bad. I have been really craving the sweets this weekend, ended up eating 4 marshmallows last night, but I have white-knuckled it tonight & haven't given in.  I've been feeling so angry/crap for 4 days. I just hope I get it together soon. I hate it when it feels like you are struggling 24/7. 
Did a 1hr power walk this morning and then went to the gym & just did a few chins, dips, box-jumps & speedball work. I'm still trying to get back on track, so this week I can get back to where I started from. 
Night all, train hard xx

Friday, May 22, 2009

Angry, Angry, Hippo

Grrrr, I am just so angry/frustrated at the moment. I can't help it. I'm frustrated I am not getting into condition fast enough & now I'm snappy the snapdragon. I feel like shit, look like shit & have done crap in the gym. Not surprising after not going for a week - Stooopid girl. Fu#%^ng Grrrrrrrrrr!!! Bad, bad, bad mood. I hate it when I'm like this, I'm just no fun to be around and I'm sooooo short tempered with my little girl and that makes me feel horrible....I can't seem to snap out of it. 
Gym today - couldn't run for shit & did a 'Michael' in 30'25" - total shit.  

P.S One good thing I can say is I had a lady come up to me in the changerooms last night & she said she was amazed at how strong I was - she was just so effusive, I got v. embarrased (as I was feeling cranky then too) but it was nice to hear. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm Baaaa-aaack!

A pic of Hanmer Springs - very nice place

Well, I survived NZ.  A very lovely place & the weather was kind to us thankfully. I came back feeling very flu-ey, so not impressed about that at all. I have also not been to the gym in 8 days, so I am feeling very out of whack. Food wasn't great while away, but I didn't go too overboard. I will be in damage control when I am feeling better - right now, I just have to get over this illness & start again, sigh. I have loads of blogs to catch up on, hope everyone is doing OK. 

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's day to all!

To all the mothers put there, hope you have a good one!! 
Well, it is 4.07am and yes I'm up.....I had a call out (I'm a vol firefighter) and of course I can't get back to sleep now, but it is nice to have a bit of time to myself before the world awakes.  Things have gone downhill again!! Argh, yesterday we had thai takeaway & chocolate &  I still didn't go to the gym, so now I've built up that stupid imaginary wall in my head where I'm apprehensive about going to the gym cos I haven't been for ages & so I don't go, & the whole stupid vicious cycle starts. Silly me. It's OK, I will just go later this morning & stop whining - yeah it's going to hurt, but only for the rest of the week LOL. Anyway, I'm boring myself, so I will go find a cute pic to put on here. 
Nighty night!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Well this week has been written off. Haven't been to the gym since my last 4 sessions were abysmal and now I'm kinda scared to go in case I've still got no energy! We are heading to NZ on Wed next week for my sister in law's wedding. First time flying with our baby girl, so it will be interesting to say the least. I am getting scared that my resolve is going to dissolve (hey I'm a poet) and I will go off the bandwagon completely. I am trying to find a gym near our hotel in Christchurch, so I can hopefully get in a few sessions. I would be happy to eat whatever I like at the wedding, so long as I am good for the rest of the time there......I can only try. I've got a hotel that has a kitchenette, so at least I can have some control over food. 

Had my flu shot today - stung like a bugger - the nurse was telling me that this year's was a stingy one, yeah, thanks for that - told me as she was doing it! Oh well, at least the government has secretly microchipped me now :p

MM xx

Monday, May 4, 2009

10 week check in & progress pics

Quick check in at 10 weeks out
Biceps:29 (-0.5)
Waist:66.5 (-1.0)
Butt:86 (0)
Thigh:53 (-1.0)
Above knee:35 (-0.5)
Calf:34 (0)

Weight 49.4kg  


You asked for it.....

Well, that's 4 workouts ina row where i've felt like crap - No energy what so ever! Normally if I just get there & start, I feel better, but not this few times. I will have a good rest tomorrow I think & try again Wed. It is getting a bit concerning. 

OK, enough of my whining, here are my fave recipes to keep me sane. I use the cookie recipe for cheat days only -I'd advise you to as well, cos if you're like me & loooove PB, then these are ADDICTIVE!! OK Shelly, you have been warned!  ;) 

Awesome Cottage Cheese Jelly Slice

Base: Dump in a food processor - 
1C quick oats, 
1/2c wholemeal flour, 
3/4C Splenda, 
2tsp cinnamon, 
1tb canola oil (optional, but I think it tastes better with it)
1/4c water

Wizz this up for a minute till it makes a sticky dough

Press into square tin lined with baking paper (wet your fingers or a spoon to press it out)

Bake for about 15mins @ 180 C till brown - it may shrink away from sides, but that's ok

Put in food processor -
250g creamed cottage cheese,
1/2C vanilla protein powder (I like Max's) 
1/2c Splenda, 
2tsp vanilla ess. 

Whizz the be-jesus out of this - all the lumps will go from cottage cheese (hate the texture of cc!) and it should look lovely, smooth and glossy. (BTW, this is good to eat by itself!!!)
meanwhile - dissolve 2TB of gelatine in 1/3c boiling water - dump this ALL IN AT ONCE while processor is going (if you trickle it in, you may get lumps) 

Jelly top - grab your fave sugar free jelly and dissolve it in 1C water only. 

To assemble - cool the base (room temp is fine) then whack on the filling. Put in fridge to set (about 1-2hrs) then pour on jelly top - refrigerate & leave to set (about 3-4 hrs) 

Makes 9 generous serves.  

Peanut butter cookies:

375g jar of smooth peanut butter
1C Splenda
1 egg
1C crushed peanuts
3/4C choc chips (I substitute with sultanas here, or you can leave them out all together for sugar free)

Mix first 3 ingredients together till smooth, then add peanuts & choc chips/sultanas

scoop out balls & put on tray - whack in 180 C oven for 12-15 mins until brown. 
Leave to cool on the tray - this is important! They will be really soft, but they firm up on cooling they are lovely, soft & crumbly - to die for!! 

That's all folks, I'm beat 

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Don't really feel like posting today - I had a bit of a crappy weekend & I am feeling even crappier. I fizzled out the past few workouts & now I'm getting that sinking feeling of dread when I think of going back to the gym.....grrr, I hate that. There is def. something wrong if I am avoiding the gym. I thought it was because I haven't been eating too many carbs, so I ate more & it didn't make a lick of difference to my energy, so I had a bit of a cheat meal on the weekend, but now that backfired as my stomach is soooo bloated, feel like someone has punched me in the guts! I didn't get the chance to go to the gym during the day today, so you guessed it I have to now go at the worst time - after 5.30 on a Monday night, when all the weekend warriors feel the need to go to the gym after pigging out all I'm one of them .....noooooo!!! Anyway, that is my punishment for having a crappy cheat meal - I tried to make something that was naughty but not too bad, & it was v. disappointing. If I'm going to have a cheat, I may as well get something really good (or bad as the case may be). 

So how many weeks now? 10! Crap, time to pull the ol' finger out. I have reached the point where I get scared to 'go beyond' if you know what I mean. I start to think I look to scrawny & so I sabotage my efforts & pig out. If I'm brave enough, this will be the first time I get past that point.  Wish me luck. 

MM xx

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Aaaah, I love the smell of dream tan in the morning!

Not a lot to report today - I decided on a rest day yesterday. I have been going great guns in training & it just felt right to have a day off. Today wasn't so great, but hey, I can't do PB's every session (damn).  I started running after not warming up properly & my calf started cramping, so I had to stop (that'll learn me eh?) Then I just went & played with the bars: 

3x 10 Front Squats with 20k, 25, 30k
supersetted with Air squats 3x 20 
Dips 2x10
Chins 2x10 

Felt a little bit lost today - didn't feel like doing any cross fit today, so I just practiced doing thrusters with 30kg - I have to watch my left wrist, it went tingly a few times - not so good!
Food has still been good - I felt a few of the old craving pangs yesterday, but I managed to knock them on the head. I am developing a supplement at the moment, a herb that has really helped me to give up the sugar.  Watch this space! 
I have sooo many recipes kicking around (mostly in my head) that I just have to do a recipe book, if only for my own use when I'm getting ready for a comp. Don't worry, I will post my recipe for Jelly slice soon - have to dig it out. 
Thought I'd post some pics from previous comps for some inspiration. My favorite comp (apart from my first, that one is always special) was the NABBA 2004 Nationals - came 3rd & I was soo stoked I placed, I very nearly pulled out at the last minute when I saw the standard of the com
petitors on the day - lucky for me the judges went for the less muscular girls, but I can
 remember looking in the mirror in the hotel saying to my hubby, I can't do this, I've got no muscles!!! It really is all smoke & mirrors up on that stage girls.  I should have had a darker tan - think I just went with a spray tan & a light dream tan. In the last 2 pics I was probably too dark & I made the mistake of asking to borrow another competitor's oil spray - never again! I just looked greasy & it felt disgusting. It's such a journey of discovery & I hope the next time I'm up there, I can put it all together! 

Night all, train hard 

2004 NABBA Nationals

(BIG bum!!! I hate this pic, cos it shows the area I need to work on!)

2006 INBA Melbourne Titles 

(My bum was even bigger in this pic! That's what happens when you only diet for 1 month, slacker!)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Food glorious food!

Thought I would post yesterdays food just as a reminder to me what I eat at 11 weeks out. I won't change things too much - just clean it up a little & add more veggies & remove dairy probably 3-4 weeks out.  

Breakkie - oats, protein powder blueberries, almonds & splash of soy milk & soy cappuccino

My fave snack - egg on wholemeal crumpet (3 egg whites, ! whole egg) with flax oil & fibre drink

Post workout - 1 small apple & half a protein bar & 7 almonds

Yummy winter salad - flaked beef poached in red wine with baked potatoes, mixed lettuce with balsamic & flax oil dressing mmmmmmm.......

Afternoon tea snack - My jelly slice special - this is the ONLY way to eat cottage cheese!! 

Starters - veggie soup & 1/4 roll (I don't normally eat bread at all, so this was a nice treat)

Dinner - poached chicken leg & veggies

This is the sort of food I have regularly. I've tried not having any sweet stuff & it just doesn't work for me, so I have learned to be creative with my food & do a pretty good job of keeping it interesting.  I am not feeling like I am struggling too much at all on this diet - I will give it another 2 weeks & see if I need to change, otherwise this will be pretty much what I eat up to the comp.

I will have a cheat meal or two a week - but this is generally something I make myself, so I know what is in it. I am very vigilant with sugar & would rather increase my fats than sugar as I know how hard it is to give the sugar up again after a binge.  I have the best recipe for sugar free peanut butter cookies....hmmm maybe that will be my next cheat meal!
I'm thinking of doing a Figure Dieting Recipe E-book I just loooove cooking & experimenting with altering food.

I am having a rest day - I was planning on going to the gym, but I am listening to my body & having a day off.  

Train hard & Good night 

Monday, April 27, 2009

Glad Monday is over...

and I finished it in a great way. After I recovered from my 105 push ups today, I went to the gym & did some running on the treadly then I kicked my own ass again!! I did a PB EVER on deadlift
80KG!!! Wooo hoooo, warmed up with 5x 60kg, then 1x70, 1x80, 1x80 (I had to do 80 twice to make sure it wasn't a fluke :) I was really happy with that. I weigh 49kg, so that's about 160% of my BW....I think? Anyone got a calculator??!! 
Then I celebrated by doing 'the bear' workout - 5 rounds of: 7x deadlift, front squat, overhead press, back squat, overhead press (all in a continuous motion - wicked exercise for the shoulders) I only used a light bar 15kg for this one, didn't want to put my shoulder out, it was feeling a little funny.  
Phew, I'm beat. Good night all. 

MM xx

Sunday, April 26, 2009

105 pushups!!!

Holy Crap this was hard - I got to 90 and lost count, so I did an extra 5 at the end! Unfortunately my crappy camera cuts out at 95, so you don't get to see me fall down in a heap after. Great challenge! Will have to do it again sometime.....hmmmm.

I'm having trouble posting the vid, so you will have to take my word for it at the moment!!


Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's official!

Well, I gave myself a month of contest dieting & training to see how I would go & I have now proven to myself that I can do this! (again).  
All I want to do is to kick my own arse & turn up in the best condition I have ever been - All Females here I come! This comp by the way scares the crap out of me - I was in the first one they had in 2003 & man, did I sh%^ myself! I was lucky to have placed - I have seen what the standard is & it is HIGH! So I am trying to keep my focus on myself & beating my previous condition & if I come in looking great - I will feel great & have a fun time. If I get a trophy then that would be awesome too. 

Today's training was: 
8 min warm up on t'mill then 12 mins @12km/hr - yay, this was one of my goals!!
I followed with a 'Fran' - did it in 7'29'' not so bad especially after cardio. My shoulder was feeling it a bit afterwards, so may have to ease up on the pull ups. 

Oh and my HRmonitor said my Average HR was 90% and peak HR 94% so not a bad all out effort!! 

Sleepy now, better go to bed. 

Train hard y'all,

MM xxx