Friday, May 29, 2009

Sing BIG Little Birdy...

The title was a bit of 'street art' someone painted on the pavement which I saw when going for an early morning walk. I felt like it was painted as a special message just for me :) Am starting to cycle carbs today so today is a low-carb. Going ok so far, in my diet I am allowed some fruit on low carb days - usually timed around workouts/cardio. I can tell when my body is burning fat - usually at night I feel like I have the hot flushes, it's a good feeling. It has been a rough week, but I think things have turned around, I'm going great with my diet, which is usually the first thing that suffers when I'm under stress. 
I am looking at trying some new tan this comp. I am sh%$ with dream tan - I just get it everywhere. It's OK for the 'all in one' comps, like NABBA but I hate the 2 show format of prejudging & show - I get the stuff everywhere. Would love to hear of anyone's experience with the new Jan Tana Ultra 1 - it's only new, so prob hasn't been tried by many - heard various reports from the US. You only need 1 coat on the day of show apparently. I have sensitive skin & can't tolerate the numerous coats over 2-3 days. Will keep investigating. Wish they did sample pots, like paint!!

Train hard y'all
MM xxx

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