Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I don't normally go by my weight, as it is getting down to just the last few (bloody annoying) kg's, but WTF - two nights in a row before going to bed I have weighed myself then in the morning doing the same (before peeing!) and I drop 1 kg overnight. I would jump for joy about now, but it goes up again by night time. Last night it was reading 49.6 - this morning 48.4. Really annoying as tonight it will be up to 49.6 again.....keep plodding & see what happens. Had a baaaad night. Little Jose was up at 2am & we couldn't settle her till 4am. I had an absolute spaz as I'm not the calmest when woken from deep sleep. Feel like a horrible mother now, MUST NOT do that again. Just did some cardio yesterday - big pram walk up some hills for an hour then walk to shops after dinner. I was starving all yesterday, but ate quite a bit - all good though. I had a big breakie of oats, & i'm still hungry. Good sign I guess, just have to keep chugging away. MUST do some photos before my head explodes with doubts I can do this, I need some hard evidence one way or other. 
I have already booked my flights, just need accommodation. Anyone know if there's accommodation within walking distance to venue?? 

MM xxx

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  1. Hey MM,

    Don't be too concerned about weight being up at night time and down by the morning. If you have ever heard of the recommendation about weighing yourself at the same time of day, wearing same clothes, this is why the theory exists! Weight fluctuates quite frequently throughout the day, even sometimes from one day to the next (which is why I recommend to clients they do one or max 2 weigh ins per week), meaning your weight can be up or down by literally a kilo on the same day...very dependant on what food/fluid you have consumed, amount of sodium in what you have consumed etc, physical exertion, time of month etc...weighing yourself too frequently can really do your head in because of said fluctuations!!
    It is very normal to be heavier just before going to bed than when you wake up :)
    Don't let it worry you too much.