Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday horrubilus

Well, yesterday was the worst I've had in a looong time. My little girl decided that she would not take a nap whatsover until she collapsed at 3.30. By this time I was so wound up & frustrated that I didn't have any 'me' time at all, which is probably well & good as she woke up only an hour later....I got to the gym in the evening & did the Gerkin treadmill test - thanks to Kate who introduced me to this torture device!!!! It's just what I need to get my arse into gear. I got to 11mins 30 (I think that's level 9??) I did it twice & got to the same time, so I need to work on it. Freaked me out having the incline so high & trying to run my arse off!! stopped at 8% incline speed 11km/hr. I am trying to get to 10%incline & 12km/hr - phew...
Anyway, my diet has managed to survive this week so far - sometimes it feels like I am punishing myself & that makes me feel bad for a while, but ultimately I know I am stronger for resisting & it is all worth it. 
I have ordered a bikini - I normally make my own, but can't be arsed - I'm too time poor as it is. I'm considering which tan to use - I have problem skin & can't do the layers of contest colour before, so I need something that I can use on the day or day before. I will be itchy for a week after, but that is to be expected. I must have the worst body for this sport - why do I do it?!!!
Haven't been able to take any progress pics as hubby has left the chargers at work, so will have to wait for that. Scales were 48.6 this morning, so that is positive. Still not seeing much improvement in the mirror however.....I am soo impatient. 
Gotta go, 

Train hard y'all xxx


  1. Hey MM! Don't think I've introduced me yet, but I added myself to your stalker list after I saw you'd joined the followers of my babbling blog!!!
    Nice to 'meet' you! You're doing the All Females? There's so many I'm finding now that I decided just last week to go down there for it. It's going to be so much fun!!!
    Good luck with your prep - hope your little one goes OK :)

  2. Know how you feel with your little one...some days are tough! Hope everything balances out for you and you knock em dead, come comp time! How far away is it now?