Sunday, May 24, 2009

Blip on the radar....

Having a bit of a hard time. Feeling pretty low as we are having some problems with our little girl. She has been really, really upset at bedtimes & I think me being so grumpy has really made it worse. I ended up just cuddling her & crying my eyes out, I felt sooo bad. I have been really craving the sweets this weekend, ended up eating 4 marshmallows last night, but I have white-knuckled it tonight & haven't given in.  I've been feeling so angry/crap for 4 days. I just hope I get it together soon. I hate it when it feels like you are struggling 24/7. 
Did a 1hr power walk this morning and then went to the gym & just did a few chins, dips, box-jumps & speedball work. I'm still trying to get back on track, so this week I can get back to where I started from. 
Night all, train hard xx


  1. Hope you get back on top emotionally MM. Know what you mean with little girls...they are so trying aren't they? We're having a problem ATM with baths and going to bed. Stubborn-as, and refusing until she's in tears, but still digs in the heels. Quite stressful ATM, especially with hubby who is hell bent on 'getting discipline'. He fails to understand she is only 3, and not 33! Best of luck. Let me know how you go hey?

  2. Hey try not to be so hard on yourself physically. I know eating and right and training right is very important but so is your emotional state and your family and if you need to take time out from gym for a week or 2 don't let it stress you to much.

  3. Thanks guys, it's hard being a mummy hey? I think little Jose just needs some time to settle back down - being away for a week mucked her around I think, so we will just keep her happy & see what happens. I am much better when I'm at the gym regularly, I had a forced break of sorts & now I'm playing catch up, I just feel like I have lost so much fitness in that time, it doesn't feel fair!

  4. Hi There,

    Just found your blog and saw you were competing at the All Females? I'm also doing that show and can relate to the challenges at times to hang in there (and I don't have kids) Keep plugging away, 1 day at a time!

  5. We'll be meetin at the all female too - its gonna be such a big party! What category are you in? hope your little girl settles - I cant imagine how tough training must get with a family...... I just got myself to worry about - hang in there and look after yourself. feed yourself good food and I am sure that will help some in dealing with things, sugar just makes me crazy........ lol
    Btw - my hair just feels like my own now - they are beaded ones - so they where a little uncomfy the first two nights - now I dont even feel them - its sooooo cool having instant long hair! ;)