Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stary stary night

While most people were cuddled up together on their couches, I decided to go for a jog last night. It was 7deg with an icy wind here in Tassie, so perfect conditions for a run! I had my beanie pulled down & scarf wrapped around my face - people must have thought I was a burgalar mwaah haar! I really enjoyed it - the stars were all out & a beautiful moon crescent & I think I was the only one around to enjoy it - I love moments like this.  From now on, cardio is imperitive, so I will be getting a few more chances at night from now on. Hi to everyone else competing in a few weeks - can't wait to see you all in the flesh! I still need to get rid of a bit of my flesh LOL.  My strategy now is going to be carb cycling - just a two day split - don't think I'd survive any longer on low carbs. I need to start feeling a difference soon. 



  1. That run sounded wonderful, I do love living in QLD but some days I would love to have a crisp autumn NZ day full of golds and yellows and icy winds..

  2. Yeah...that run sounds devine MM. However, I hate the cold! Wish me luck in Kapooka, cause you know it's gets bloody cold there! You'll have no probs if you do your basic training in July. Best wishes with the comp stuff hey? Can't wait to see your pics!