Monday, May 25, 2009

Chasin da pump

Firstly thanks ladies for the comments, looking forward to meeting some of you at the All Females - it's really not far to go now!!!

Starting to get over the hump I think, had a good days eating, but still have that frustrated feeling - I feel like a big puffy marshmallow - don't know what's going on with my body but the fat is staying put! I have declared war on it anyhow and now it's shakin'. I must have the worst bodyfat distribution - some people have cut arms, or great legs most of the year, not me. I have this virtually permanant even layer of chub just under the skin - everywhere!! apart from my boobies of course - the one place I wouldn't mind some he he. Anyway, its head down, arse up & I am going to see if I can go a week without looking in the mirror expectantly looking for a miraculous drop in BF :) 
Ok, tonights workout was good - finally feeling like I'm getting there again. Did my fave - 'Cindy' workout - As many rounds of: 5 chin ups/10 push ups/15 air squats. Got to 14 rounds (left shoulder was playing up after 10, so that pulled me up a bit) but my PB is 15, so I was v. happy. I then did some bar work & finished with db lateral raises - did a drop set & boy it was good to feel a pump again! 

Night all 

MM xx


  1. You know sometimes this is how it is, we feel like we are not getting anywhere then all of a sudden........ WHOOSH!!!!!!!!!! there it is ;o)

    Hang in there! xx

  2. Sounds like a awesome workout - will have to give that one a go! I agree with Tara - Sounds like your big weigh drop is just around the corner... I'm not very good at being patient with my body making changes either... as you know won't happen overnight but it WILL happen. I second the "HANG IN THERE" (took me a good 6 weeks to get a drop!)