Sunday, May 31, 2009


I can see the next few weeks going by too quickly and, as I have done in the past, not achieved the package I so desparately want to bring to the comp. All I can do now is be consistent & patient.  I seem to have buggered my left shoulder - don't know how, feels like there is a ligament out of place - hopefully it will get better soon, otherwise I might be in a bit of trouble. 
Food has been good (& boring)
Did an hour walk today & will get to the gym tonight & do some running intervals & a bit of weights. This close, I'm not so worried about the weights, just concentrating on conditioning. 
I've been doing a little posing practice - forgot how sore you get. I also forgot how shakey I get - I shake like a leaf on stage, but I don't worry too much as it's not greatly noticable...if you're in the back row LOL. 
Train hard y'all
MM xxx


  1. Hope that shoulder heals quickly MM! Sounds like you're on track though. Keep it coming! :)

  2. Yes time is flying now! You sound very much like me - just trying to do your best and forget the rest. Consistancy and patience are the two words I keep trying to remind myself of also. Hope your shoulder gets better. I also have issues but with my RH one!!! Think will all pretty much shake together on stage, so no one will notice :) lol Lets both finish this thing strong!!

  3. Hi, thanks for the lovely comment, I had not been following your blog until now (tsk tsk) so i have a bit to catch up on!
    I hope your shoulder improves :S and wow, only 37 days away from your comp, best of luck to you!!