Thursday, May 7, 2009


Well this week has been written off. Haven't been to the gym since my last 4 sessions were abysmal and now I'm kinda scared to go in case I've still got no energy! We are heading to NZ on Wed next week for my sister in law's wedding. First time flying with our baby girl, so it will be interesting to say the least. I am getting scared that my resolve is going to dissolve (hey I'm a poet) and I will go off the bandwagon completely. I am trying to find a gym near our hotel in Christchurch, so I can hopefully get in a few sessions. I would be happy to eat whatever I like at the wedding, so long as I am good for the rest of the time there......I can only try. I've got a hotel that has a kitchenette, so at least I can have some control over food. 

Had my flu shot today - stung like a bugger - the nurse was telling me that this year's was a stingy one, yeah, thanks for that - told me as she was doing it! Oh well, at least the government has secretly microchipped me now :p

MM xx


  1. Hey MM

    Good luck in NZ, and just try to enjoy yourself! :)

  2. It's not really a sausage roll but in my head I tell myself that's what it is.

    Basically I just use a mountain bread wrap - light wheat or oat and fill it with some sort of meat (chicken breast, chicken mince, turkey mince, beef mince, ham, turkey breast), a little bit of cheese (sometimes) and baby spinach, mushies, stir-fry veges (dryslaw), wrap it up and grill both sides then smother with tomato sauce all over the top and voila - Shelley's version of sausage roll.

    BTW I baked just 1 cookie the other day adapting your recipe, 1 egg white (which made it too liquidly), some choc fudge protein powder, peanut butter, and dark chocolate chunks. I had to add more powder to thicken it up. Then baked. It was yummy but not as satisfying and filling as my soy protein pancakes, peanut butter and icecream.

    Enjoy NZ and just do the best that you can.