Monday, May 4, 2009

You asked for it.....

Well, that's 4 workouts ina row where i've felt like crap - No energy what so ever! Normally if I just get there & start, I feel better, but not this few times. I will have a good rest tomorrow I think & try again Wed. It is getting a bit concerning. 

OK, enough of my whining, here are my fave recipes to keep me sane. I use the cookie recipe for cheat days only -I'd advise you to as well, cos if you're like me & loooove PB, then these are ADDICTIVE!! OK Shelly, you have been warned!  ;) 

Awesome Cottage Cheese Jelly Slice

Base: Dump in a food processor - 
1C quick oats, 
1/2c wholemeal flour, 
3/4C Splenda, 
2tsp cinnamon, 
1tb canola oil (optional, but I think it tastes better with it)
1/4c water

Wizz this up for a minute till it makes a sticky dough

Press into square tin lined with baking paper (wet your fingers or a spoon to press it out)

Bake for about 15mins @ 180 C till brown - it may shrink away from sides, but that's ok

Put in food processor -
250g creamed cottage cheese,
1/2C vanilla protein powder (I like Max's) 
1/2c Splenda, 
2tsp vanilla ess. 

Whizz the be-jesus out of this - all the lumps will go from cottage cheese (hate the texture of cc!) and it should look lovely, smooth and glossy. (BTW, this is good to eat by itself!!!)
meanwhile - dissolve 2TB of gelatine in 1/3c boiling water - dump this ALL IN AT ONCE while processor is going (if you trickle it in, you may get lumps) 

Jelly top - grab your fave sugar free jelly and dissolve it in 1C water only. 

To assemble - cool the base (room temp is fine) then whack on the filling. Put in fridge to set (about 1-2hrs) then pour on jelly top - refrigerate & leave to set (about 3-4 hrs) 

Makes 9 generous serves.  

Peanut butter cookies:

375g jar of smooth peanut butter
1C Splenda
1 egg
1C crushed peanuts
3/4C choc chips (I substitute with sultanas here, or you can leave them out all together for sugar free)

Mix first 3 ingredients together till smooth, then add peanuts & choc chips/sultanas

scoop out balls & put on tray - whack in 180 C oven for 12-15 mins until brown. 
Leave to cool on the tray - this is important! They will be really soft, but they firm up on cooling they are lovely, soft & crumbly - to die for!! 

That's all folks, I'm beat 

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