Sunday, August 16, 2009


WOD: Fran ( 3 Rounds for time of: 21, 15, 9 thrusters/chin ups (thrusters with 15kg bar)
TIME: 9min 11sec

Im Baaa-aack! Lots of things have been happening, the BIGGEST is me getting back on track with my fitness goals. I have finally gotten my arse back into gear. It is still early days, but I have this LOUD voice in my head that yells at me - for example this morning at 5.30 when I'd hit snooze it said 'oi, get out of bed & go workout, NOW. If you lay here, you wont get back to sleep & you won't get another chance today to go so you may as well GET UP!' So I did (Sir, yes, Sir). I am still adjusting to the new gym environment. Unfortunately Launnie is way too small & my fresh start isn't so fresh - most of the faces in the gym are from my old gym! One guy in particular (nickname Grunty Guy) was there & mentally I just smacked my forehead. I don't have anything against him, but he just makes the most annoying noises :) At least he can't drop his weights as it has polished concrete floors. Though it didn't stop a girl putting a 20cm dent in the wall today! Poor thing, she was throwing a med ball up & they were only plasterboard walls (don't know why she thought it was solid!!) and bam! I felt sorry for her, she was sooooo embarrassed LOL.
My workout was a 'Fran' - the only chin up bars was one on the rack - so I had to get two aerobic steps at the high setting to reach them LOL. Now as it is a new gym, all the equipment is brand spanking new too - this is good & bad. The bad is that the grips on the bars & chip up bars felt like tiny razor blades - my hands are still stinging & I'm getting my ol blisters back with some new friends. I nearly gave up halfway through Fran, but I kept saying, toughen up buttercup & kept going. My hands were on fire afterwards. The time I did was one of my worst - but this was because I stopped to rub my hands going 'aaargh!' I did pretty well, and would have done OK time if I didn't have the hand thing.
So, I'm back - I probably won't do daily posts here as I am usually on Lindy Olsens forum mostly, but I am hoping to video some workouts when I get up to speed here later on.
Bye for now! Hope everyone is happy in training land too :)
MM xx

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  1. Good to have you back MM, and even better to know that you're back on track with your fitness goals! :-)