Thursday, July 2, 2009

Get the party started. ....

Yay, it has finally arrived, peak week!!! I feel soo much better now & am getting my spark back. Well, I guess it has been about a year since I started thinking about embarking on this journey & 12 weeks since I started knucking down. It has certainly flown by. I'm beginning to get a flutter of excitement. I HAVE done the hard yards and I HAVE earned my place on that stage. I HAVE achieved my goals of getting my shape back after bub & I HAVE got to be HAPPY with that!!!
Looking forward to meeting you all in a week + 1days time. Is it going to be fun or what??!!
MM xxx

P.S after the comp I am going to make my favourite cookies - peanut butter & chooc chip - I am even going to make them with real sugar!! (going to be hard to do LOL)


  1. Woohoo! We look forward to the countdown! :)

  2. what, no splenda? hehe! enjoy your special day MM!!!!