Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I've had enough, my tanks really hit the empty mark today - snappier than an especially snappy person who has a special reason to be snappy....that was me.  Again I spent most of today trying to talk myself into (& out of again) eating is times like this that I think 'what a stupid sport',  'why the hell am I doing this to myself?', 'Does that guy's head look like a doughnut or is it just me?' etc, etc. I feel like crap & look like crap, so I must be doing it right LOL... I weighed in at 48kg this morning, so the water is flushing through nicely. I am going to be soooo dissapointed if it doesn't make a lick of difference tomorrow when I carb up. Oh well, it's not going to do any harm, and at least if it doesn't change, I won't put myself though this torture again for the comp. 

I entered the comp today, I had thoughts of them putting a limit on the no. of competitors after the email saying it was a record no. already! I immediately felt like backing out.....sigh, there will be more moments like that to come in the next month ha, ha.

I am a bit sick of myself at the moment - I just can't think of anything else but food, or comp stuff...I need a hobby :) 

Hope all is well out there in comp prep land ladies.....



  1. Hang in there! Not long to go! :D

  2. HaHa...donut heads..mmmm I see them everywhere. I can't go into a food court at the moment!! I am having some carbs todays because Sharons going to kill me tomorrow with legs..I hear you about being snappy. My family wants me in bed at 4pm! x