Monday, June 15, 2009

Back to the grind

I had a good session last night. Did the Gerkin test on the tready - love that thing, thanks for telling me about it Kate! Got up to 9-10 I think? Had to hang on for the last 30 secs, as I felt like I was going to fall off LOL. Incline was 10% running at 12. Then I went & did a 'Cindy' - I equalled my PB, which I am really stoked about - my kipping pull ups were so much better, my grip didn't give out either - it was the pushups where I lost time, I really need to get back into bench pressing seriously. Food has been good (very bored with it all though). I'm too scared to look in the mirror lately, I just know nothing has is getting frustrating. I have my little girl's first birthday this Sunday - I can't believe how quick it has gone. I am trying to organise some food that I can have too, without going overboard. Think I'll do some yummy Shelly's sausage rolls, they're great using my meatball recipe.
Better run, xx

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  1. WOW...CINDY! I'm just itching to start at Crossfit, with you and Lisa talking about it. Awesome...can't wait to get as fit and strong as you guys!

    Hope there's lots of fun to be had for your girls' 1st birthday - it's always a special one.