Thursday, June 4, 2009


Got myself to the gym again today -thanks to hubby coming home early. Just did a little bit of everything & not too heavy as my L shoulder is not quite right. Have a feeling I may have done it while posing -dangerous to your health! I spread my lats hard & with the little twist in the back, Ithink it impinges on a nerve as my hand goes a bit tingly. Oh well, it's only temporary. Does anyone else get a really achey lover back from all that arching? I always feel like I look as though I have something shoved up my bottom LOL (if you see me laughing on stage - this is prob what I'm thinking).  Had the turkey in a stir fry - it was devine, so tender I'm def hooked! 
I am looking forward to trying out the Jan Tana - I think I'm a bit over the Dream Tan. I am too much of a stress head to have to put tan on backstage - I would rather be ready to go when I get there & I will def be more relaxed if I don't have to go through that crappo. 
What's left for me to do? 
  • Haven't worked out routine yet, but will prob recycle moves from previous ones - thankfully the routines aren't counted in your score - I should just get up there & do some silly poses (think Bev Frances in her hotel room after comp in Pumping Iron II - funny!) 
OK anyone who hasn't seen Pumping Iron II - shame, shame!! Its classic - soooo cheesey but still inspiring. Think leg warmers & spandex leotards, chewing gum & headbands, boofy hair....I must get it on DVD. I really liked Carla Dunlap (think thats her last name?) and Rachel McLish, what a Diva!  
  • Costume is coming from NZ - I couldn't afford one of Jo Roger's creations this time round, her's are stunning so am getting an import from Seem like lovely people. 
  • Music - I am still deciding, I think I shall enlist the help of Tara to do the CD, less stress for moi
  • Oh yeah, enter the comp & pay fees! This is the real kicker - will be no turning back after that. Wonder where I'll be standing in line up? Anyone else in the short-arse class??
  • Posing practice - check
  • Shoes - check
  • Lose another 2-3kg......coming along - weight is now 48.6. Am hoping to get to 48 by next week. 
  • Anything else???
That's all for now, good night all! 

P.S I was thinking whilst doing cardio that a good costume for the freeware round for anyone doing sportsmodel would be to dress up as the hogs breath chick - timely given the swine flu epidemic! LOL (actually, this won't be funny if they cancel the event because of it!!!)


  1. Hi MM

    Sounds like it's all coming together nicely. :)

  2. Hiya MM, you have it under control totally!!! lol @ the hogs breath outfit too ;o)

    email me at if you want me to do your music for you. I only charge $30 plus P&H :o)

    Tara xx

  3. yes definitely had a sore lower ack at the start of posing practice!!! it does go away the more you pratice, for the first few days I could hardly walk LOL