Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flying Solo

I have talked it over with my other half & we think it will be less hassle if I go to the comp by myself - I just don't think our little girl would cope too well with the long day & I wouldn't be able to give her enough attention, so I'm heading out there alone!! Well, I won't really be alone of course as I now know a few of you going, thankfully. I think my cold hit a peak last night - had to sleep half sitting up - my head is just soooo full of ......well you know what, I just hope I haven't given it to my little one (I think my hubby is succumbing!) I am going to have a bit of an experiment (food-related) this afternoon & see if I can't come up with something good. I'm finding food easy at present - actually it hasn't been that much of a struggle, I just get the occasional pang for something - which is usually just oats or rice crackers anyway. I think I've trained my palate pretty well. I am not really wanting a binge after teh comp, as I have been down that road before & it's not a good one. Whatever I have, I will make it myself & it will be a one off. My eating will be pretty much the same as now, I will just add back in my good fats - missing my nuts!!! and some fruit, cottage cheese mmmmmm! and of course soy milk for my long cappaccinos (I miss them so much!)

Ok enough food talk - I have gymnastics tonight, will try & take it easy. Then again, I may do my first muscle up!!! I just have to not hurt myself LOL.

Can't wait to feel better - haven't trained or done cardio in a few days eeeekk!!


MM xx

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