Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Feeling unbelievably tired of late - didn't do any exercise yesterday & I doubt I'll get any done today. I think I'm still recovering from the wekend & the last workout. My tan finally came today, hooray - have had a bit of a play with it - I reckon I will need about 6 coats!! I am sooo white LOL. I don't do the base tan anymore, so it's only going on the day before the comp. I also had an email & my bikini is being posted, hooray - just hope I don't need to do too much adjusting (will definitely need a little ahem padding up top as I am not already enhanced there!) I don't think I'd ever go down the fake boobies path - I would just look funny & they would just get in the way. I hated having to strap them in when I was first breastfeeding - it was painful to run & I couldn't sleep on my belly, which I love.
It has been so cold here - 0 deg overnight & not much better during the day, I think my body is going into a hibernation. I am really struggling to get motivated, which is bad as I need to be getting so close. I have let those thoughts creep in like - 'ah well, there's nothing saying I HAVE to do the comp, I will just lose all that money on airfares etc, no biggie'. Hmmmm......I am waiting for inspiration to strike again! Suck it up princess :P


  1. Are you kidding!! youre this close and your not inspired!! girl some people dream to be able to do what you have and are doing. YOU are the Ispiration, feeling fantastic IS the inspiration, knowing that you have had a bubs and are able to get back to were you were... some people NEVER get close. So if you want insperation go to your gym and watch people, people who are NOT fit or slim and have 50kgs to lose... but they get there arses there and they look at people like you and think... one day.... now get of you arse and PUSH!!! if they can do it, you have no excuse... ( i mean all of this in the most lovable way :) :)

  2. You said it yourself..... "Suck it up princess :P"

    How much would it shit you after the fact to get so close and quit?!

    Hang in there, you don't have long to go at all!

    Tara xx