Monday, June 8, 2009

Day one - droppin the carbs

Felt ok till about mid afternoon, then my energy seeped through the back of the couch I was snoozing on. I went & did a depletion workout - and as expected felt pretty tired & lack lustre - I think it must have been in my head as this is only day 1 - i've got 3 more to go!!! I may cut it back to 3 days low carb, as I am only fun-size & most depletion diets are designed for king sized mars bars....mmmmmmm mars bars....
I had about 3.5L of water today & have been peeing like a racehorse - not going to get much sleep tonight I don't reckon!
To answer your questions Selina, I think I have to be in the open as I have won a state comp - in Tas, where there isn't a lot of competition. I really feel out of place in the open, but hey I get to learn from the big girls :) Yes I am tiny ;( in my head I'm Huuuuuge though!!! I usually come in at 47kg or so - that's with water depletion etc....the scales say I'm not far off, but the mirror doesn't agree. From front & side on I look ok, but I have these really annoying little saddlebags at the top of the thighs, that I hate & I am still carrying chub on my triceps, grrrrr.....

That's all from me today, nighty night xx


  1. Hello!

    Just checked out your pics/updates - your abs shots look great!! You sound like you are very on track with training/nutrition. 47kg geez you are so tiny but HUGE - lol! Yeah, I got the old saddlebag thighs and tricep fat going on too ... always the last annoying bits to go. Good luck with the depletion, hope you don't get too tired the next 3 days :)

  2. HaHa mmmm Mars Bars. I am on the other side of the scale...tall!!! lol. How many grams of carbs are you having? Clare

  3. Hey Clare, I'm aiming for under 50g. Finding it tough going!!!