Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bloaty Bloat!

Why does this happen? I haven't changed my diet & all of a sudden I am bloated this arvo?? The only thing I had different was a protein bar yesterday, one I don't normally have, but apart from that it's all been the same stuff. I haven't had TTOM for 1yr & 9mths since before I had my little girl, so I REALLY hope it isn't that - not looking forward to that returning!!! Had a great weekend - Today we went to the new aquatic centre here - its AWESOME! A huge 50m indoor pool, great play pools for the kids, I am so impressed. I swam 10 laps of the 50m. I'm not a great swimmer, so it was good cardio for me :). Then after morning tea I went to the gym & did some hill sprints & threw some weights around and finished with some posing practice.  I may have to go for a walk after dinner to try & feel less bloaty too. The scales were 48.2kg this morning, so very close to my drop to 48kg for the week. I'm expecting it will go up tomorrow due to my expanded belly right now, but I know it's only temporary. 

I have been doing some more research into the final week preparation. Now, previously I have done what I was told by friends, & a trainer I had & I have had fairly mixed results. I usually carb deplete & salt deplete then carb up. As we all know it can be a bit hit and miss & if you get it wrong, you can look REALLY bad - this is what happened to me at my last comp, so from the research I have done, I am going to try just adjusting the carbs & water & not worry about the salt. This is where you can get bad rebound probs & for me, I used to look better on the day before the show. With the peak week program I have found, I will be carb depleting for 4 days then just a one day carb up. I like the sound of this one, & may make a few adjustments to suit me.  I am going to test it out this week, as it is only a bit over 1 month from the comp, I need to see what works now rather than leave it to chance. Sticking to it is going to be hard, especially the depletion workouts, which are going to kill me with no carbs!! We'll just have to see how it goes - wish me luck!!! 

MM xx


  1. Hi MM. I also have heard about the last weeks prep being hit and miss. It would be great if we had time to do a trial run??? lol. Good luck with the carb less training, I'll be close behind you! Clare

  2. Yeah, best if you stay away from sodium manipulation. Carbs and water manipulation is the way to go.

  3. Hey chickie - LOL at that picture!! I love it!!!
    You're only little at 48.2kgs! From the previous pics you've posted you seem to have a fair whack of muscle - what weight have you previously competed at?
    So what category are you going to be in at the All Fems??! Open or intermediate!??! Shan & I are doing intermediate (may I add I'm crapping myself as it's only my 2nd comp and I certainly don't feel like an intermediate competitor!!)... will you be joining us on stage?!!? xx
    Hope you have a great prep-week!!!
    I must try some of your recipes, they look DIVINE :)