Thursday, April 30, 2009

Aaaah, I love the smell of dream tan in the morning!

Not a lot to report today - I decided on a rest day yesterday. I have been going great guns in training & it just felt right to have a day off. Today wasn't so great, but hey, I can't do PB's every session (damn).  I started running after not warming up properly & my calf started cramping, so I had to stop (that'll learn me eh?) Then I just went & played with the bars: 

3x 10 Front Squats with 20k, 25, 30k
supersetted with Air squats 3x 20 
Dips 2x10
Chins 2x10 

Felt a little bit lost today - didn't feel like doing any cross fit today, so I just practiced doing thrusters with 30kg - I have to watch my left wrist, it went tingly a few times - not so good!
Food has still been good - I felt a few of the old craving pangs yesterday, but I managed to knock them on the head. I am developing a supplement at the moment, a herb that has really helped me to give up the sugar.  Watch this space! 
I have sooo many recipes kicking around (mostly in my head) that I just have to do a recipe book, if only for my own use when I'm getting ready for a comp. Don't worry, I will post my recipe for Jelly slice soon - have to dig it out. 
Thought I'd post some pics from previous comps for some inspiration. My favorite comp (apart from my first, that one is always special) was the NABBA 2004 Nationals - came 3rd & I was soo stoked I placed, I very nearly pulled out at the last minute when I saw the standard of the com
petitors on the day - lucky for me the judges went for the less muscular girls, but I can
 remember looking in the mirror in the hotel saying to my hubby, I can't do this, I've got no muscles!!! It really is all smoke & mirrors up on that stage girls.  I should have had a darker tan - think I just went with a spray tan & a light dream tan. In the last 2 pics I was probably too dark & I made the mistake of asking to borrow another competitor's oil spray - never again! I just looked greasy & it felt disgusting. It's such a journey of discovery & I hope the next time I'm up there, I can put it all together! 

Night all, train hard 

2004 NABBA Nationals

(BIG bum!!! I hate this pic, cos it shows the area I need to work on!)

2006 INBA Melbourne Titles 

(My bum was even bigger in this pic! That's what happens when you only diet for 1 month, slacker!)

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  1. Big bum my ass! Wish my bum was that firm. :)