Friday, April 17, 2009

Fran-tastic day

Yay, I love Saturday. Would have been even better if I had slept past 4am - was wide awake!
Did a Fra today. I was overdue for this workout, so I didn't perform too well. That and it was a lovely 8 deg in the gym! It is sooo painful doing pullups with freezing cold hands & now my blisters have blisters! Anyway, I managed it in 7.05. (using 20kg bar - the 'crossfit std is 30kg'). My previous has been 7, but with the light bar, so I'm improving - YAY!
Not much else to report - was going to have a bit of a cheat meal, but I don't think my body deserves it LOL, that'll teach it! 

Train hard y'all


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