Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's official!

Well, I gave myself a month of contest dieting & training to see how I would go & I have now proven to myself that I can do this! (again).  
All I want to do is to kick my own arse & turn up in the best condition I have ever been - All Females here I come! This comp by the way scares the crap out of me - I was in the first one they had in 2003 & man, did I sh%^ myself! I was lucky to have placed - I have seen what the standard is & it is HIGH! So I am trying to keep my focus on myself & beating my previous condition & if I come in looking great - I will feel great & have a fun time. If I get a trophy then that would be awesome too. 

Today's training was: 
8 min warm up on t'mill then 12 mins @12km/hr - yay, this was one of my goals!!
I followed with a 'Fran' - did it in 7'29'' not so bad especially after cardio. My shoulder was feeling it a bit afterwards, so may have to ease up on the pull ups. 

Oh and my HRmonitor said my Average HR was 90% and peak HR 94% so not a bad all out effort!! 

Sleepy now, better go to bed. 

Train hard y'all,

MM xxx

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