Monday, April 20, 2009

My Arse

Woo hoo, another PB today. I did 15 Rounds of 'Cindy' (crossfit w' out)  in 20mins which is: 
5 chinups = (75 total)
10 pushups = (150 total)
15 air squats = (225 total)
Felt soooo good after this (after I could breathe again) My pull ups are getting a little messy, I need to get the rhythem going as I lose my momentum & I have to start again.  So my new goal for this WOD is 20....hmmm, may take me a while :)

Anyway, back to my arse. I looked at it in the mirror today (LOL, I was just checking to see if I could get away with my pre preggo swimmers, turns out I couldn't) I was not happy with what I saw!! I have been preoccupied with the condition of my front -ab, bi's etc & neglected what was clearly lagging behind (er pardon the pun) Well no more!! I need to work my arse off (litereally)- how can I hold my head high in the gym when this hideous, fleshy dimply, monster is lurking behind me??!! well no more! I have declared war on my butt, that's right I've opened a can of whoopass on my ass, yeah you better be it's shakin'....oh actually that's my phone, I left it on vibrate....anyway, as I was saying I am now officially on the 'butt-be-gone' ( tm) program grrrrrrr!!! 

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  1. lol! good luck on the rear-end reconstruction :)