Friday, April 17, 2009

Miss Blobby

I feel just a tad bleah today.  Didn't make it to the gym today or yesterday & I'm starting to get the withdrawal jitters! Eating was a bit slack today too - I met up with friends & I made sure I ate beforehand  & was just planning to have a coffee, but ended up with the soup (pea & corn) but I suspect it had some cream in there - sneaky buggers! Then I topped it off with a chic burger from Maccas (no chips or coke - does that make it all better? LOL) I was planning on having a cheat meal today anyway - was going to have drinkies at a friends, but have foregone that now. I did some TABATA squats & lunges yesterday. I avereaged 19 squats per 20 sec - full ones, all the way down & I am feeling it now - ouch! 
We're getting the bobcat again tomorrow, so shifting some more dirt in the backyard. I may just have to excuse myself & sneak to the gym at some stage, otherwise I will be unbearable. 

Nighty night all

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