Monday, April 13, 2009

Anyone joining chocoholics anonymous?

From reading a few blogs, I think we all delved a little too deep into the Easter bunny's basket!! 
I wasn't too bad, but as per my usual form - I kept eating chocolate until it was all gone. I'm sure there must be a name for this condition, but I can actually 'feel' chocolate sitting in the cupboard waiting for me & I just can't not eat it! Hence we don't keep any in this household & I wont put any junk in this trunk for another week! (I'm fine with my weekly cheat meal) 
Today has been a bit of a rest day. I did go to the gym at lunch today, but it was mainly to see how my little bub would go in the childcare there. She had been a bit clingy for a while, but now she's crawling, I think she's getting over it. Anyway, she surprised me & was happy to hand out there & didn't really notice me go! (I on the other hand thought about her non stop & didn't really do a workout) Anyway, I hope she'll be good for me from now on, as I like to go to the gym during the day when it's a bit quieter. Man, I keep thinking it's Monday!
I attempted to also do my meals for the next few days ahead of time - I managed to cook my veggies & prep some fruit & some meat patties before I had to do mummy duties. Will finish off the meat & egg whites tonight.  My basic diet at the mo consists of:

Breakie: Oatmeal/protein powder/blueberries/almonds & soymilk
Morning tea: 3eggwhites/1 egg on wholemeal crumpet & flax oil with mushrooms
Lunch: chicken or meat & veggies & flax
Afternoon tea: fruit salad & cottage cheese & almonds 
Dinner: same as lunch
Snack: cottage cheese, fruit or diet hot choc/jelly - whichever I feel like.

I'm pretty happy with this regime & have been feeling pretty in tume with my body & what I need. I also take fish oil tabs & iron & creatine. I must get some more glutamine as I have run out. 

I took some measurements last week, so I had better post these before another week goes by:

Biceps: 30cm
Wasit: 68cm
Butt: 89cm
Thigh: 55cm
Above knee: 37cm
Calf: 34cm

Ok, so that's kind of my starting point. I'm not expecting a huge change except for the butt & legs with any luck!! My weight is fine - fluctuating around 49-50kg I really don't want to drop too much weight this soon, so will just keep an eye on it. 

Better run. 

Train hard y'all 



  1. For someone who has not long had a baby, you're measurements are pretty awesome, considering your weight. You must be a ball of muscle! Your BB achievements are very admirable. I don't think it's something I could do. The depletion part really sucks, and I couldn't imagine putting myself through that type of punishment on a regular basis. The focus you would need in regard to your training and working toward increasing muscle would be pretty intense I would assume - I congratulate you on that. How did you do it?

    With that type of determination and perseverance I don't think you'd have any problem getting into the reserves! though, just a small warning...start the process early, as it takes about 3-6 months from application to actual enlistment. And stay on their case - they're not that organised!

    Ciao for now...Kerry :)

    P.S. I nearly polished off 100g of Lindt chocolate yesterday. Nearly, because I was competing with my hubby for the spoils. :)

  2. Thanks for the advice Kerry - the fact they take a while would actually be good for me as I don't want to rush back into working - especially the time away for initial training. I don't know how my little girl will cope!

  3. Hi MM

    The hours are fantastic for mums in the reserve.

    Your requirement is one night per week, and one weekend per month. Your initial basic training is 28 days, and then you'll have employment training which is usually 2 weeks, but they are flexible as to when you do this. So apart from the initial basic training & employment training, the requirement isn't huge. Also, the maximum you can work is 100 days over a year, including your one night, one weekend p/month & 2 weeks continuous training each year (this does not include your initial basic & employment training).

    If you have any questions, you're welcome to email me...

    Ciao...kerry :)