Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday's workout

Well I achieved one of my mini goals yesterday. After a 10min warm up @ 8.5-10, I ran for 10 mins at 12 (+1% incl). This wouldn't be hard for most people, I but I struggle with running - so it felt really great that I achieved it. I wasn't planning on doing it, but felt really good after the warm up I just went for it. I was still a bit sore from the deadlifts the other day, I gave my back a rest (3 days with no pull ups ...nooooo!) so I pushed out 100 push ups. I could do 30 straight, but then needed a little rest, so not quite up to doing the 100 pushup challenge! I'll give it a crack on the 27th though :) 

Train hard xx

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  1. Hi MM

    I think you'll blitz the '8 push-up' requirement for the reserves pre-enlistment fitness!