Friday, April 10, 2009

not a Good Friday, a Great Friday!

I have been in a great mood all day. I was pumped to go to the gym, but I just had one of those sessions where everything felt just too hard. Still, I did it anyway & felt better for going. I am going to start being consistent now that I'm 12 weeks out & will be needing to post more regularly. I took some measurements (will post later as they are in the bedroom & can't be arsed getting them!) I can tell you I weigh 49.4kg at the moment. In the past I have competed around 47-48, but I think my ideal is probably 46-47kg, so I'm not far off.  I think they should have a super short-arse class ha, ha!  
Training today: 
Warm up - walk on t/m 3 mins (I got impatient & the chip up bar was calling to me!)
3 x 10 chip ups, 3 x 10 dips

D/B snatch - 3 x 10 each side with 
20, 25, 30lb dumbells 
These are fun - haven't done them in ages & it felt goooood!
Then with 15lb dumbells (told you I was feeling tired!) I did:
3 x 5 each of deadlifts, front squats, push jerks.
I attempted a litte running after that, trying to master the 'pose' method & did lots of stretching. My hammies are too tight & hip flexors were too. 

Food has been good - am planning to have a bit of chockie at some stage this easter, but won't overdo it (I promise!!!) it will be my cheat meal for the week. 

Better sign off, and get some shut eye soon.  


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