Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mighty Michael WOD - PB woo hoo!

Have had little sleep the last few days.  My little angel has been waking every few hours, boy I forgot how hard broken sleep can be! Had a fantastic workout again - I felt in the need for some speed, so I did a running-core based workout called 'Michael' - which is:
# rounds of: 800m run (treadmill), 50 back extensions, 50 leg raises (I use these instead of sit ups - harder!) I did it in record time - I'm definitely on the improve 24min 55sec, happy to have broken 25mins. My HR monitor said I averaged 84% HR & 92% max HR.  So a good intense one! I LOVE CROSSFIT! 
I did have one of those moments though where you look at yourself & go - oh no, I'm shrinking! My upper body is leaning out & I'm at the 'corrugated chest' stage. For me, I lose fat in this order:
my Chest (bye, bye boobies) 
my abs, 
my calfs,
my tri's, 
my butt 
& finally my thighs.....what can I say, I'm a pear. I think I'm going along steadily, so wont change anything just yet. I have very limited time for my workouts, hence I pack as much intensity in as I can. Gone are the days of steady state cardio for me - I'd rather spend 10 mins blasting it out than humming mundanely to myself for an hour not even raising a sweat. I can't believe I used to go to the gym and just lift weights & not sweat one drop. I used to hate getting hot enough to sweat! Now I have embraced it & looooove that feeling. I should do some measurements & photos again this weekend just to see how I'm shaping up. 11 weeks out I think? 

Nighty night xx

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