Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Food glorious food!

Thought I would post yesterdays food just as a reminder to me what I eat at 11 weeks out. I won't change things too much - just clean it up a little & add more veggies & remove dairy probably 3-4 weeks out.  

Breakkie - oats, protein powder blueberries, almonds & splash of soy milk & soy cappuccino

My fave snack - egg on wholemeal crumpet (3 egg whites, ! whole egg) with flax oil & fibre drink

Post workout - 1 small apple & half a protein bar & 7 almonds

Yummy winter salad - flaked beef poached in red wine with baked potatoes, mixed lettuce with balsamic & flax oil dressing mmmmmmm.......

Afternoon tea snack - My jelly slice special - this is the ONLY way to eat cottage cheese!! 

Starters - veggie soup & 1/4 roll (I don't normally eat bread at all, so this was a nice treat)

Dinner - poached chicken leg & veggies

This is the sort of food I have regularly. I've tried not having any sweet stuff & it just doesn't work for me, so I have learned to be creative with my food & do a pretty good job of keeping it interesting.  I am not feeling like I am struggling too much at all on this diet - I will give it another 2 weeks & see if I need to change, otherwise this will be pretty much what I eat up to the comp.

I will have a cheat meal or two a week - but this is generally something I make myself, so I know what is in it. I am very vigilant with sugar & would rather increase my fats than sugar as I know how hard it is to give the sugar up again after a binge.  I have the best recipe for sugar free peanut butter cookies....hmmm maybe that will be my next cheat meal!
I'm thinking of doing a Figure Dieting Recipe E-book I just loooove cooking & experimenting with altering food.

I am having a rest day - I was planning on going to the gym, but I am listening to my body & having a day off.  

Train hard & Good night 


  1. I really need to stop reading posts then mention food in the title. I can't hear the TV over my stomach growling.....

  2. I mean THAT mention food in the title...I'm so ravenous I can't type.

  3. Oh god can i have the recipe for your jelly slice, looks so yummy.

  4. ME TOO for the jelly slice - OMG it looks like real cheesecake!!

  5. Ditto on the jelly slice recipe MM. Will you share? I agree with KatieP - looks like cheesecake. Love the look of your winter salad too...looks delish!

  6. No worries guys - I will post it up shortly - will put together the P:C:F profile for you too - it is awesome, keeps me sane with dieting!

  7. Diet looks awesome!! I love that your meals aren't stupid chicken and broccoli LOL