Monday, March 23, 2009

"Cranky-Manky Chest Day"

I was unbelievably cranky today. I just couldn't help it - I had too much pressure build up from not going to the gym for 2 days, I'm sure I saw steam coming out of my ears.  I didn't want to go to the gym, but sometimes I just have to look at it as my 'medication' as I am UBER-cranky if I don't.
Anyway, food was good & I did an OK session at the gym. I'm going to be mixing it up with the preparation this time round - really going hard. Here was my workout:

Warm-up: 10 back extensions, sampson stretch, 10 pull ups, 10 air squats, 10 thrusters with light bar (think it's about 15kg?)

'Fran'  = 3 rounds for time of: 

21, 15, 9 of thrusters (20kg bar) & chin ups. 

This is a killer, as working againts the clock pushes you HARD.
 My time was a PB of 8.49 I am getting the hand of kipping pull ups - they're not pretty but I am at full extension at the bottom & chin over the bar at the top. (I am cultivating some nice blisters since I have given up wearing gloves :) 

After I got up off the floor I did chest:

3 sets, 10 dips (had to do just negatives of the last 5 of last set) 

3 sets, 10 incline DB press (25lb db's)

30 push ups feet on step to finish

Didn't have much time for anything else, but not a bad workout.


Porridge=1/3c Oats & half again of wheat bran, 30g WPI, handfull of blueberries & 6 almonds

Morning Tea:
2 egg whites, 1egg, crumpet & flax oil

silverside, caulifolwer & broccoli (400g), little flax oil

Arvo tea: 
Shake = WPI, water & little soy milk  & small apple

Kangaroo roast & veg (cauli, broc, carrot, corn, eggplant, squash)

6 almonds & shake 

I'm eating about 700-800g of veg a day, trying to get up to 1-1.5kg lucky I love my veg.

I'm thinking of putting some videos of my exercises as some are a bit hard to explain, I'm having fun mixing things up a bit & not doing the 'usual' ones. Will alsopost some progress pics too - gotta get accountable :)

I'm hoping to get up for an early morning session - will hopefully subdue little miss cranky first up! 
Good night,  xxx


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  1. Found you!! And got caught up on your blog. In answer to your question a few posts down... Yes I have a wonder-butt and wonder-boobs... as in I am left wondering where they went on comp day... LOL!! Keep training hard hon xxx