Friday, March 27, 2009

Good Advice

'Whether you think you can do something or think that you can't do something, you're right'

I'm not sure who first came out with that, but it's a great piece of motivation. It helps me to address that little negative thought monster that is lurking in the periphery of my mind.  I've had another good eating week - but missed 2 days at the gym - this just means I'll do some harder workouts over the weekend & I'll have this week squared away. I have been mighty slack at getting my progress pics on here, must take care of that this weekend.  

Tonight's workout consisted of - 
'Michael' - a favourite met-con workout
3 Rounds for time of:
800m run on treadmill, 50 back extensions, 50 leg raises 
I ran at 11, 12, 12-13 on the treadmill for each round. 
Time was 32:06 not too bad seeing I did leg raises instead of sit ups this time round, so this will be my new benchmark time.

I then did:

barbell presses (15kg bar) 3 x 20 reps supersetted with 5 chin ups

Tomorrow will be some more met-con & legs I think - going to do 2x leg workouts per week as I have trouble getting good condition in my legs. When the legs look ok - the rest of me looks too scrawny! 
Nighty night xx

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