Friday, March 20, 2009

Helloooo to you out there in Figure comp preparation land :)

Well, here's my first blog. It's going to be just a short one, as I am getting tired & need to go to bed. I just wanted to say hi to all the gals who are going through the stage as me.......hmmmm, am I really going to compete again this year??!! LOL.  My main focus this year is to get as fit as I can - I'm wanting to change careers & to do it I need to be really fit. I've noticed that my previous 7yrs BB training has made me look fit, but I sometimes feel my muscles are 'painted on' so to speak - till now they have been a bit for show (which is all I cared about really, how vain!) but now, I wanna see what this lil body can DO!  Anyhow, my first ramble.  

Now, a few reasons I want to compete this year.  
1. I have competed before, always placed (sometimes just luck, I'll admit) but now I want to get on stage looking my BEST.
2. I had a baby last year & I want to make sure I haven't lost my lovely little six pack (I've seem glimpses, so here's hoping)
3. Do I need anymore reasons?!! OK, heres the real kicker - I, like most of you reading this (hey, the title brought you here right!) deep down am totally and utterly hooked on competing. I need that niggling feeling pushing me to train right, eat right, sleep right as the next comp is coming up. Call it a compulsion, an obsession, a drive, a haunting, whatever,  but I think about it everyday. Are we going to feel like this when we are 80??!! :P 
Well, I feel like an 80yr old - gonna go take a nap. Night all. xx

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