Friday, March 27, 2009

Super Saturday

Aaaaah, that's what I said a few hours after my session this morning. A good workout makes for a happy day :)  

My workout today consisted of 200 squats!! I think I'll aim for 500 next time as I need to blast my legs into shape. Here was today's leg/back/chest day:

Cardio - intervals on T/mill 12 mins 7.5 for 1min then 12-13 for 40sec x6 

Then: with 20kg bar- 
50 front squats, 
50 back squats 
50 air squats (no weight)
50 pop squats (no weight)

2x 5 chin ups just for fun

DB bentover rows - 40lb 2 x 17, 18 each arm

Dips 2x 10, 8 supersetted with cable crossovers & pushups to finish....nice :)

I'm definitely enjoying the freedom of my workouts as I am not following a strict routine, but mixing it up each time - when I get into the gym I don't know exactly what I'm going to end up doing & I think I am pushing myself harder because of this. Let's hope it pays off...speaking of which I will go and take a progress pic right now!! 

Ok first pic's are done - man I'm sooo white! 

Gotta run, my little girl has awoken!


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